It’s possibile to earn crypto on faucets?

By Arkadio | PolskiNetEarning | 9 Oct 2020

Lot of people, starting adventure with krypto, consider possibility to earn first crypto using faucets.
Me too start earning crypto using faucets. I remember times (few years ago) when faucets pay 800-1000 satoshi per click (the good old days). Times when bitcoin cost near 300$.

But today, its still good to trying earn on faucets?  In my opinion yes. Why not?
We still use our mobiles, computers, to watch youtube, surfing in net, play games and other things, to spend our time, so why don’t have pleasant with useful?

We have to spend lot of time, to found our way to earn crypto, no one say “it’s easy”. Everyone who try earning on crypto, earning in net, know it’s hard, before you found your way to net earning. In my opinion faucets are still good, why? Because you learn about it, you can learn how it works, you learn a lot of patience to earning, This way to earning gives us a big kick into [censure]. But remember “That first step you take is the longest stride”
In the end, I’d like to apologise for my bad English. It isn’t my first language, and I don’t use eng often.  I hope the text is readable for everyone.

Good Luck

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