Adventures of Crypto Noob, Week 2 (Please Comment)
Adventures of Crypto Noob

Adventures of Crypto Noob, Week 2 (Please Comment)

By Political Noob | Polnoob | 3 Jan 2020


Read ACN Week 1 here.

If you are enjoying watching my progress, feel free to follow.  Tips are great too, but what I'm most interested in is getting comments from anyone who can offer advice on what my next steps should be in these Crypto Adventures.

So last week, we left off with my current totals.  So far I have invested NO fiat dollars (USD) and relied only on methods of stacking coin that are free. This week my BTC growth kind of slowed down, as the BTC micro-earning site I joined didn't have a whole lot of apps that I wanted to try. But I grew my total satoshis here to 270,170, which is about $19.49 - What I had to do to earn this was download a few free game apps and play to a certain level.  I did this while watching TV with my lady, relaxing after work.  Nothing to get excited about, but if BTC goes up in price this year, it's a decent start at what could be much more valuable.  

Remember, my current goal is currently to stack crypto while investing NO MONEY.  Whatever I do, should be easily done by anyone, regardless of financial ability (aside from having some type of device that can get online).

Also this week, my Brave/BAT earnings went up a modest amount.

Iphone - up to 23.2 BAT (3.2 for viewing ads, plus the free 20.0 BAT grant) ; Desktop - 2.45 BAT; Laptop - 1.3 BAT

Total - 26.95 BAT (current value about $5.24)

I still haven't connected my Uphold wallet to all three devices, but I can look into this after Jan. 5, when the payouts hit the local in-browser wallets.

My Publish0x earnings have increased a little bit, from 5.5210 to 23.1063 HYDRO - current value $0.02

Went slightly up from .0048 to .0062 DAI - current value $0.0062

BAT - 1.8897 to 5.5796 ($1.09)

In addition to the methods above, I also started learning about the NANO and Banano (BAN) coins.  I decided to try using my desktop to "mine" some free Bananos, using a site that uses my desktop (both its CPU and GPU) to "fold" protein sythesis calculations (don't ask me to explain it in depth, all I know is it is contributing to medical research, to help find cures for Alzheimers, MS, cancer, and other diseases).

I went to, got a user ID, and got a Bananos wallet from Kalium (iPhone app), then connected to the Folding At Home site, and started folding.  Over the last few days, I have earned a total of 1646.41 BANs (about $0.77) - I am not sure how much power this has consumed, so after my next bill comes, I might decide it isn't worth continuing.  As a profit-making venture, it is likely to be a dud.  But I'm ok with spending a few bucks if it is truly helping find cures. As far as mining goes, this isn't really mining, technically.  But it was SUPER easy to set up, and it literally takes zero effort now, unlike the Bitcoin Rewards site or Alien Run game, where I need to play games or take surveys to keep stacking satoshis. 

Total free crypto stacked by Jan 1 2020, in USD value: $26.71

My goals for the coming week include:

  • Figuring out how to use Telegram, since many airdrops seem to require me to have the app.
  • Researching other mining methods available to use on my gaming desktop (I'm specifically considering Monero or Raven, because of videos I've seen saying it is still profitable for these two coins, and not completely overrun by ASIC farms). I don't want to build a GPU rig or spend any money on equipment, but since I have a decent machine that isn't getting much use, I figured it's worth looking into.
  • Along with the mining research, I have to figure out if I need to register with a mining pool for the coins above. This seems complicated but it might turn out to be easy.
  • I'd also like to take a look at staking coins. Without an initial cash investment, this will likely be a tough way to earn anything, but if I were to convert all my different types of coins into one single type, then I could deposit my single type into a staking platform that would hopefully earn me interest by leaving the deposit.  I will have to research how risky this is, because I wouldn't want to lose my investment. But from what I've read, it's less risky than loaning your coins out on a DeFi platform.  As I'm still obviously a noob, all of these things are going to take a bit of reading, so I will try to condense all the info I acquire into a nice summary in the next post.
  • If it becomes too time consuming to do micro-earning sites, I may decide to switch to just buying crypto in small amounts each week. My Coinbase account is set up, and I downloaded Coinbase wallet for my phone, but to buy just $20 worth of BTC they charge $1.49 (7.5%!!!).  I also cannot see where to set up an ETH address in Coinbase yet, the only option I saw was for BTC. And I'm still not sure what the differences are between Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, and Coinbase Wallet.  This will take some getting used to. But I'm definitely going to look at other exchanges, because if I'm buy small amounts regularly to take advantage of Dollar Cost Averaging, I don't want to end up with a 7% loss of investment on the front end!
  • I would also like to see about getting some new coins with Airdrops.  This seems like a good way to increase your holdings, but only if you have the things I mentioned above, like Telegram and (for some coins) an ETH address.

If you have advice for this noob, please leave comments.  I am interested in using this site to increase my awareness and knowledge as well as build relationships. Thanks for reading and following along with the Adventures of Crypto Noob!









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