Best and Most Secured Hardware Wallet in the market

Best and Most Secured Hardware Wallet in the market

By Pogitsu Ph | pogitsu-ph | 22 Sep 2020

Using hardware wallet does not make you invincible against social engineering, physical threats or human errors but it's definitely one level higher protecting your crypto assets especially when it's sizable and most recommended when HODLing coins and tokens.

It can be challenging to decide what hardware device to choose in the market as there are many factors to be considered.

Ledger Nano X


Let me share with you why you should choose Ledger devicesΒ 

πŸ” 1500+ crypto assets supported like bitcoin ofc, ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash, zcash, digibyte, band, litecoin, stellar, et cetera.
πŸ” Trusted by 1Million+ users
πŸ” Own application Ledger Live to manage and stake crypto
πŸ” All products integrated with certified secured chips and custom OS to assure maximum security
πŸ” Certified for its security by ANSSI, the French cyber security agency
πŸ” Genuine check feature to ensure that device has not been tampered or compromise by a third-party
πŸ” 2 buttons and 1 screen, security made easy
πŸ” Buy crypto directly in Ledger Live via Coinify (ledger partner)
πŸ” Staking to grow your assets passively
πŸ” Compatible to 50+ other external wallets
πŸ” Excellent customer service which offers multi-language support

Hope this helps and as always - Don't trust, verify.

Be your own bank. Upgrade your crypto security, get your ledger device here!Β 


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