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Critique of our times


By SyeBaa | Poets - Corner of darma | 10 Dec 2021

As you boomers bloom;

Your love filled anger looms.

With joy and hatred you forged me!

Weak, decrypted and stoked in emotion I have come to be;

Barely breathable is the air around,

With your grip up me, it is heavy!

In the metal crypts of fortune we discovered consensus,

Her ability brings us to Freedom and liberty 

from the skyscrapers of thought that have forever possessed everything within me. 

Children of millennia we have hope!

Our elders would make it look like a rope,

doing everything to send us into a nihilistic despair.

I look at those around me in hysteria with no concern,

When will anyone learn. No point talking to the deceived, in their righteous trans. 

I have come and I shall perform my own dance...

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Hi I am sye, I believe in cryptocurrencies and censorship resistance. I am looking to share my thoughts, experiences to help and understand our shared reality.

Poets - Corner of darma
Poets - Corner of darma

Expressions of emotion with unclear motivations and hard hitting words. Picking up on issues person and macro. These are personal doodles in word form; if you enjoy it then I have achieved my object.

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