The Love Of Fear

A Short Poem Created to show why we love to fear the unknown but not to be curious about it and try to  understand it .


Man loves to fear,

of what he knows nothing about,

but is fear truly a pathway to succession in anything at all,

braveness and courage they say conquers anything,

but how long does it last,

is something they know nothing about.

If man were not to fear,

but try to understand and be curious about the wonders of life at all.

he could be the being the one above us all.

Curiosity as it is isn’t a divine gift that is given to the privileged few,

but a desire to know that is born within.

Questioning and love to know as a simple act as it may be,
is an act not done by many.

Life may have questions that cannot be answered, but it’s not the questions that


cannot be answered, it’s life that should be questioned.



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Ali || Poet || Philosopher || Programmer
Ali || Poet || Philosopher || Programmer

I love Writing About Perplexing Topics such as Philosophy Math And Explaining with a Beautiful Way. Wanna know my side of the story ? Press that follow button.


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