You Are (Lexus Poem/2015)

Sea green, and foam,
Overtake the creeping landmass
Volcanic activities provide a hardening stone.

The temperature difference
Creates a haze that blurs the zone
defined by what we see, invisible in that instance.

While the seas edge is not in sight,
Be sure, its there. A permanent presence;
Nothing can hinder its enormous might.

You are the overtaking sea, no matter the obstacle you'll grow to new heights.
Just as the rising tide; you are unstoppable.


(This poem is very old, but it remains as one of my favorites and I hold it dear to me. It is the last poem I wrote for a dear love/friend of mine and the last she read from me. I miss her everyday and I hope my apology resonated with her, if not then, I hope in the future.)

I hope you enjoy it as I hope she did <3


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