Fins and Wings

A faint light shone from afar. 


We've soared far but still we fly.
The blue sky was left behind and a dense dark has taken its place.

A seamless and bare nothing stiffen our wings and not a second passes it seems.
The scenic sight than illuminates the void with clouds of vibrant color.

The cloud began to take over our view;
It shone with brilliance.
Among stars, a warmth filled our wings.

With a stiff crack we began to spread our fins and wings.

Within a few moments the vibrant cloud swallowed us whole.

With no end in sight
We are to be trapped
In this heavenly light
among the stars.

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I believe that we are what we are in fault of our surrounding information and accrued knowledge. Everything I post is in hopes of expanding others imagination and perspective of life around them. (Will be updated..regularly?)


Poetry and short stories I have written and will write pertaining to events that are commonplace for us, such as emotions and events. All and all just a Blog to share and, hopefully, inspire.

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