By Lucid Vibrations | Poetry & SPELLing | 22 May 2020


The paradox of parody, within quantized dualities!
In this organic alchemical vessel housing thee!

Collapsing wave forms like lungs from tobacco industry, not medically!
The matter of the moment within matter - matters indeed!

Riding the wave of “focused particles” so we succeed!
Successionally, striving toward - RAW Consciousness at its finest, immediately!

As the Pendulum Swings back and forth and the in-between!
Effectively, responding to internal dialog, environment and unseen!

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Lucid Vibrations
Lucid Vibrations

Healing - Waking Up - Writer - Poet - Photographer - Metaphysics - Reiki - Health - Energy Worker - Activist - Spell Breaker - SPELLing - Linguistics - Magick

Poetry & SPELLing
Poetry & SPELLing

Language - SPELLing - Poetry - Energetic Purging Through Art

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