You are my precious diamond

By Farah ikram | Poetical words | 5 May 2021

You are my friend,

Who who always stood by me through thick and thin,

You are not only my friend but my mentor,

The one who leads me towards the path which is right,

You are not only my mentor but my well wisher,

The one who wants to see me as successful person,

You are not only my well wisher but my loved one,

The one who taught me the real meaning of love,preview not available

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You are not only my love but my care taker,

Who always dressed me well and cook everyday something new for me,

You are not only my care taker but also my supportive,

Who taught me to stand when I was about to fall,

You are not only my supportive but my sunshine,

Who brightens me when I was lossed in dark,

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You are not only my sunshine but also my diamond,

Which is precious to me more than anything in the world...!!!

O my mother,My lovely mother,

You are my everything,

And you are the only one person whom I feard to lose...!!!

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Farah ikram
Farah ikram

Female Pakistani

Poetical words
Poetical words

Sometimes I love to write poetry.It's a best way to express my thoughts.Come and enjoy my poetry...!!

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