Amplifying Hispanic Voices: A Call for Enhanced Representation in Sovryn Governance


  • The Hispanic community within Sovryn is proposing a new governance structure to have a more significant say and influence in Sovryn's decision-making process.

  • A delegate and spokesperson within the Spanish-speaking community is desired to collectively apply its voting power to governance and aristocracy.

  • Despite more attention often given to the larger English-speaking community, the growth of the Hispanic community is seen as vital. There is a focus on organic growth without direct support from Sovryn's central team.

  • The Spanish Sovryn community has proposed to create specific topics for P2P trade offers for rBTC,DLLR and the Lightning Network.

  • The community proposal seeks two delegates: a vocal delegate to represent the Hispanic community's questions and translate information, and a voting delegate to gather voting power. @LegosiBTC may take the voting delegate role if no one volunteers.

  • A bilingual spokesperson is vital due to communication issues between English and Spanish-speaking community members. @TheArtOfTOmas has volunteered for this role.

  • The SIP 66 proposal is a hot topic, aiming to balance DLLR supply and demand by increasing the origination fee to 100%. 

  • The article notes Sovryn's increasing decentralization and active community, shown through the lively discussion and voting activity around SIP 66.

  • The author, as a bilingual individual, sees the role of vocal delegate as an extension of their responsibility to connect the English and Spanish-speaking communities. They believe in the potential of Sovryn to reach those most in need through enhanced communication and inclusivity.

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Section 1: Community Proposal for Sovryn Governance in Spanish

The Hispanic community has a desire to discuss and debate Sovryn governance proposals face-to-face. They believe each member should have the opportunity to provide their perspective on each proposal. Specifically, they wish to appoint a delegate and spokesperson within the Sovryn Spanish-speaking community, ensuring the community as a whole can collectively apply its voting power to governance and the Bitocracy.

The proposal is born out of an active Spanish-speaking community within the Sovryn ecosystem @LegosiBTC, which seeks to ensure that Hispanic voices are heard and have a say in the future of the protocol. The goal is to represent more voting power and have greater influence on the governance.

Section 2: The Importance of the Hispanic Community in Sovryn

Despite the need to dedicate more time to the larger English-speaking community, it is crucial not to neglect the Hispanic community. Various proposals have been made to support the Hispanic community, but the current focus is on organic growth without direct support from the Sovryn central team.

It is essential to prioritise the growth of this community as well. Art of Tomas, who was part of the Sovryn team and managed the English account, tried to do translations for the Spanish account, but this effort wasn't requested and questioned. The effort underlines the need for diverse mindsets to work collectively.

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Section 3: Spanish Sovryn Community and P2P Trade

Jose (@JoseDryBit) expressed a proposal to create a division of topics within the Spanish Sovryn community for posting P2P offers. It would incentivize P2P trade within the community, acting as a bridge between RBTC and Lightning. The creation of a P2P market with Sovryn Dollar (DLLR) was also suggested. The proposal also included the creation of a P2P Market topic within the Spanish-speaking community.

Section 4: Community Proposal of Delegates in the Hispanic Sovryn Community

Community proposal seeks two delegates for the Hispanic community. The vocal delegate will present the Hispanic community's questions to the Sovryn team in community calls and translate information. The voting delegate will gather voting power and actively participate from the Bitocracy.

We are still waiting for someone to volunteer for this role, if no one raises their hand @LegosiBTC will take charge of it.

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Section 5: Importance of the Spokesperson in the Sovryn Community

The Spokesperson transmits the ideas and thoughts of the Spanish-speaking community. A bilingual Spokesperson involved in governance is vital due to communication issues between the English and Spanish information in the community.

@TheArtOfTOmas has volunteer for this Role

Section 6: SIP 66 in Bitocracy

SIP 66 proposal is important to keep people informed. The subprotocol Zero works well and has shown significant market growth. The stablecoin DLLR needs use cases to prevent people from selling their assets as soon as they create them. The SIP 66 proposal was introduced to balance DLLR supply and demand in the market. It will in effect make that no more LoC can be created in Zero, by rising the origination fee to 100%

Many within the community are against the fee increase proposal, considering the increase from 7% to 100% as excessive. On the other hand, the proposal can help balance supply and demand in Zero and protect users who have an open credit line in the protocol.

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Section 7: The Path to Decentralization

In order for a SIP to be accepted in needs to have more than 70% of votes in favour. This SIP showed to be a controversial one, with a lot of activity in the forums, telegram and Discord groups. This was shown in the voting as well, with record participation and nearly made it through with 72% of the votes saying yes. Having so much participation and dissenting active voice in the midst of a bear market is showing, not only that Sovryn possesses one of the most active and engaged communities, but also that it is moving towards further and further decentralization.

All DAOs start off by being heavily centralized in the core team, with the promise of becoming more decentralized as they grow. Sovryn is on track to make this promise a reality as it is now much more decentralized than in its origins, and continues to move in that direction.


The meeting revolved around the Sovryn Hispanic community's desire to have a greater role in the project's governance. Various proposals and debates were discussed to ensure a balance between all community members and the efficient operation of the Sovryn protocol.

As a personal note, I always though that privilege and responsibility come hand in hand. I’ve been privileged enough to be provided English education from a young age, in a country where most people don’t have it. This has open many doors in my short life, that remain closed for people far more talented than myself, simply because they can’t communicate in English as well as I (I’m still far from perfect, but I’m about to get married with someone who speaks no Spanish and this is not an issue). My role as a Rootstock ambassador has always been helping to connect the English community with the Spanish one, and ensure information flows freely between them. So I see this new role as the vocal delegate as a continuation of this, and I take this eagerly with the hopes that this can help to take Sovryn to those who need it the most. 

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