All of the Lights

By cMasta | pmcmasta | 21 Dec 2020

Yes, that is a Kanye West song. Definitely my favorite off of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which I don't really like anyway, but that you can consider my props to Kanye for not going forward with his bid for US president.

We all thank you for that.


I'll still never forgive you though for ruining that song by rapping about... beating your wife? ๐Ÿคจ

There is not an emoji to properly express my disgust. Why was this cool, millenials? Maybe for the same reason that C. Masta was uncool? Or maybe C. Masta was actually just mostly bad.

We humans were misguided, told that all the light was good,

So we reached to turn it on at all the chances that we could.ย 

Like the insects and the animals that lack a giant brain,ย 

We neglected to consider that those lights are not the same.

-- C. Masta

(This song was never properly finished, but my computer is still in China...)

On Friday I went to the Million Lights display at the Brookfield Zoo with my family. Aside from it being extra crowded and not really worth the price of admission, it also brought to my attention how excessive humans are (again).

oh cool

You can't make out the extent of the light pollution in this picture, but the point is that the sky is a really beautiful thing and we can't even see it.

Unless you live in the boonies, that is.

Ancient people adored the sky. It was the only night light they needed, and calling it that is still a gross understatement. Humans still adore the sky, despite what little of it we usually see. Do yourself a favor and go to an empty place to observe the sky if you never have. If you're within 50 miles of a big city then just keep going. I've never measured, but it's definitely the farther the better.ย 

There is an eerie symbolism that I noticed in Osiris, the brightest light in the darkest half of the year, being smothered by human excess.

Heck, I couldn't even see the Great Conjunction out there. I realized what the dynamic is while doing my obligatory mindless task when I thought of it like a major tin/lead resonance. In that way, it makes sense that basically everything bad should be playing out at the same time... That is, unless you channel the energy into something good.ย 

Full disclosure, though, I do like to look for symbolism everywhere, at least when I have the time to think about it...

So definitely channel that energy, because in doing so you won't go any more wrong than you would had you not even thought about it ๐Ÿ™ƒ


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