"The days after" ... Those who come right after the storm subsides.

"The days after" ... Those who come right after the storm subsides. These are not glory days, nor dark days. These days so slow that we believe we are almost dead, not even the force of remorse can make us a little strong to pull ourselves together and take charge of our life, go outside... Confront the silence, illustrate the air of emotions, and write the first letters of a new life that begins with each street step that we manage to pass. And then having to meet the others, those empty souls filled with predetermined scenarios by people long ago.

Mix to empty in order to merge and consume by recreating another bubble of empty souls in "post-trauma", a group of vulnerable victims in need of attention and affection. They end up getting there, they manage to form artificial souls, thanks to life simulations on the part of each one. Every person gives himself the mission of serving to fill a void so that the bubble can turn, move forward, towards unknown times in unknown circumstances, and this is called "going forward"...

Time passes, and those who remember know that it is only "The days after", days which are alike, a lapse of time which is repeated endlessly. Happy are those who leave before realizing that everything is repeating itself, and that the labyrinth is only an illusion, that there is no light but a truth.

Those who do not forget, who have chosen memory to glory, truth to happiness, and have opted for a storm of life, tornadoes of emotions. Those who made the choice not to stay true, even different, those who chose their dreams to those of the crowd. These are the days to be able to see what they become, the only ones who live eons in seconds and taste the magic of time even deadly ...

But after all ... No one has ever really seen a soul die.

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Sarra Geist
Sarra Geist

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Janis Casablanca aka Plume Lucide

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