Publish0x transition- Funds unseeable?

By Domifidsch | Playtoearn Reviews | 14 Nov 2023

Hey Guys,

When I looked into my Publish wallet today I was in shock! Even though the transition already started I had no reason to be happy at first because it seemed like I lost most of my efforts of the762bebdf312d2521d89226bef61d6b9fb8432482c472ee4355e779c896e8d095.jpg last three years. 


So I went to the Telegram group of publish, which you should all totally join and got an answer from a very friendly admin in just a few seconds!


And my fears were abviously unnecessary because as the transition is going on, it will take a while until the reappear on your screen again. 

So stay patient and in a few days, everything is like it should again.



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