Publish0x transition - Claim your ETH

By Domifidsch | Playtoearn Reviews | 4 Nov 2023

After a little break from Publish0x and with the upcoming change of our beloved platform to Optimism, the time has come for all of you ETH lovers:



As the transition progresses, there is only ETH to claim at the moment. That means that ALL of your Tips and all of your income from writing articles will earn you ETH only until the transition is completed!



I am very sure that this will only last a few days as the amount they are paying out right now is about three times more than when we still had three different coin to get Tips in.



My Advice: Stay active in the coming days. If we are close the beginn the next bullrun, everyday of tipping could be worth much more in the future. We made it so far in this bear market now it's time to shine again.


Good luck to everyone on your way to financial freedom. 

Hope to read you soon again.

Cheers :)


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