Publish0x - Earnings (1) - November 2023

By Domifidsch | Playtoearn Reviews | 30 Nov 2023

Welcome back, and a warm welcome for everyone who is new to my page. Today I will start a monthly series about my earnings on this platform. Before we take dive into the numbers and facts I would like to disclaim something about me first. 


Im on Publish0x for nearly two and a halve years now and I have been a quiet tipper for the most of the time since then. It took me a while to feel encouraged to also start writing here and I think for starters it makes sense to get used to stuff before you dive really deep. At least thats how I handle it. I know some of you like to jump on straight away. Just pick the Strategie you prefer.


On my journey I already saw a few migrations. From being able to Tip ETH to some tiny coins, to SPOT and Farm up to the recent change into Optimism. (Which is perfectly fine I think)


During the last Months I started to write some articles here and there but I'm not someone who's trying hard here. I'm much more a pretty average person here on publish and the numbers are kind of reflecting that. Just recently I started to be more active and as we had a migration this month I thought it's a good moment to start this series now.


So let's dive into it:

Total earnings:


I'm ending this Month with a total value 14.82 OP and 0.00719 ETH.  During the time of writing this is equal to 40,05 $. As that's the first Report this is going to be the reference for future reports.



4376 People visited the 9 articles I wrote this month. 168 of them dropped a like on my articles. 4 dropped a dislike.


In total this earned me 2.36 $. As my haven't been pretty good in Tipping last month I add 1 Dollar to these earnings for all the Tips I made.



I'm pretty happy with that result and I will give my best to improve the content I do. To ensure I write what you like I'm very happy to hear critical voices. So don't be shy to comment or write me in person.

Down here you are going to find detailed informations about the articles I wrote last month:





Have a good week and a good time








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