Publish0x Changes Tips Revenue For Authors

By Domifidsch | Playtoearn Reviews | 3 Jan 2024

News from our beloved Tipping platform:

As we merge into the new Year the Administration of Publish0x made a small but maybe pretty relevant change for tipping. After we haven't seen a change of the amounts you can tip for over two years we now see some minor changes to the system.


If I remember right, I'm 2023 you were able to Tip up to 80% for yourself, while giving at least 20% to the author of each article you were reading and tipping.

Now you can keep up to 90% of the money for yourself, while only 10% will then go to the author.

These changes will most likely boost the activity of casual users on publish because it opens the possibility to earn about 15 cents more every month just by staying active.

On the other hand this is a cut into the earnings of every active Author here. It's going to be interesting to see if this might pushes some authors into inactivity here.

As this affects EVERYONE of us I'm very excited to here YOUR opinion on that:

Do you think it was a reasonable change?
Will this change effect you as a tipper or author?

Have a good week everyone


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