By Domifidsch | Playtoearn Reviews | 6 Jan 2023

  • Play to earn gaming is recently under fire from media because many many more or less promising projects and games appear to not develope any further or even worse, seem to be abandoned completely.
    This is something you see on nearly every gaming orientated Blockchain but it seems to be especially true for the WAX Blockchain and their games.
    Apart from a few "bluechip" assets like Alienworlds, most of the projects are loosing a lot of their value. This is also true for new launched projects, which sometimes start loose
    value immediately after their launch. is no exception.
After the launch about one year ago, Officeland assets lost their value pretty much immediately after pumping for a few days.

Like the name suggests, your goal within the game is basically to hire some workers from atomichub and send them to work 1 to 2 times per day. For every task you do the worker will bring you some ocoin. You will reinvest some of these ocoins to reassign him to another task, while the rest is your win. After every task your worker will loose some energy which you will have to restore every few days by sending him to sleep which is free but will take you 10 hours to wait before you can assign a new task.

You can use ocoins to transfer them to wax or use them to level up your staff. Basically an amazing idea I thought....

But then reality hitted. After investing a few hundred wax into the game, everything started to loose massive value. Basically until today.
After giving a few minor upgrades to the game and introducing a not working staking option the developer started to abandon the project.
The telegram and discord basically died and every optimistic investor like me were left behind.

The game still works but the crowd has left the game already and now it seems like it's slowly dieing.

I don't recommend you going into this but if you want to have a closer look about what I was talking about go to their website

As always. Feel free to comment and discuss and have a good day.


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