a good read (or hear) The Psychology of Money

By player7o | player7o | 29 Apr 2024

The Psychology of Money: Timeless lessons on wealth, greed, and happiness Paperback – September 8, 2020 by Morgan Housel (Author)  

I was listening to the unabridge audiobook on Spotify, multiple times, because I love it.
There are a lot of numbers and statistics, being an investor since 30 years it proves that I love numbers, you have to, to survive.


He takes a look a the gainers and the losers in the investors of stocks, from the early 1920s up to 2020. Nevertheless all the success and failing stories can help you in the Cryptoworld as well, because the pyschology is the basically same, there were penny stocks and bubbles, which sound frightening similare to the shitcoin and NFT stories of the last few years.



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