Rollercoin Cyber Rennaissance event rewards as a F2P player

Greetings. Around one week ago, I started to seriously grind and play Rollercoin during the Cyber Rennaissance event. I was amazed that I managed to achieve tier 15 of the event, without investment.

My new (Mining power from miners) totals to around 220 TH/s after grinding for a week with a 3.05% bonus power. I also managed to get a lot of RST and buy parts crates with the RST earned from quests. With this, I managed to buy plenty of decent miners. 


I am pretty much amazed how much you could get in ONE week of grinding as a F2P player. The new event/RST update has definitely changed my views on Rollercoin from a scam to an actual project. 

I only invested 10RLT into the game, which contributes to 39 000 GH/s and the rest was earned from marketplace selling of parts or the Cyber Rennaissance event.

I can now see that it is reasonably possible for a F2P player to get miners and eventually fully passive income from Rollercoin. If you have a lot of time on your hands and want to make passive crypto, this is the game for you!

Go here: to get started with 1000 sats (Small increments of Bitcoin) while also supporting me.

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