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Immortal Game - A free to play and play to earn game for chess players

Greetings readers. As of recently, I have discovered a game call Immortal Game that is built on the layer 2 blockchain, Immutable X. The game is a perfect way for regular chess players to monetize their chess games and get a few bucks off of it!

Introduction to Immortal Game

Immortal game is a traditional chess game with the twist that you can collect NFTs and earn either ETH or CMT (Immortal Game's native token). It contains two weekly reward pools. AP & IP.

Players can immediately claim free Ageless pieces that can be used to earn on the AP leaderboard. These pieces are completed through quests and stop when you unlock an Ageless king. Ageless pieces are untradeable.

Earning Mechanics & Reward Pools:

How you begin earning in Immortal Game is to rank up in the AP or IP leaderboard. To do this, you will either have to complete quests on an immortal chess piece NFT or a free ageless piece. The immortal chess piece's quests allow you to rank up the IP leaderboard while the ageless piece's quests allow you to rank up in the AP leaderboard.

If you complete a quest & you lose the overall match, you will not gain the IP or AP points to rank up.

AP leaderboard earnings:

The AP leaderboard offers 1M CMT per week. It also gives free to play players an opportunity to earn immortal pieces to later rank in the IP leaderboard instead.

IP leaderboard earnings:

The IP leaderboard is a premium pool for Immortal Game NFT holders. In contrast to the AP leaderboard, it gives out 4M CMT and 4 ETH per week.


In conclusion, I think Immortal game is a great crypto project for chess players to monetize their skills. Even if you are a beginner, I highly suggest you check it out!

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