Axie Infinity - Introduction to the new Bounty Board

Greetings! In this article, I will be discussing the new "Bounty Board" added into the Axie Infinity earning mechanics recently along with the potential benefits this may have on the overall Axie Infinity ecosystem.

What is the new "Bounty Board"?

The Bounty Board is a new earning mechanic added by the Sky Mavis team very recently. It allows users to complete quests that refresh daily. In turn, users will receive points upon quest completion in order to rank up a weekly leaderboard. At the end of each week, based on your placement on the weekly leaderboard, you can earn a cut of the 10,000 AXS prize pool. Currently, these daily quests include:

  • Win a game in Axie Classic (35pts)
  • Win a game in Axie Origins (35pts)
  • Pray to the Aita Shrine (15pts)
  • Open a Pouch (30pts)

What are the advantages of this?

First of all, the primary advantage of this is the potential player retention and/or player attraction this can give. For a very long time, Axie Infinity has been struggling to give a compelling gameplay experience, and users rather played the game in order to earn SLP. However, due to the recent bear market that occurred, the price of SLP fell nearly -99%. Due to this being one of the only reason why players continued playing Axie Infinity, Axie Infinity lost many of its loyal players. However, with the introduction of the new bounty board earning mechanic, it will allow NFT Axie holders to be able to earn a decent amount of AXS per week just by simply playing and winning 1-2 battles. This will allow players with little time to be able to earn somewhat meaningful earnings while also being able to have a lot more time for other activities. 

The second advantage of the new bounty board is that it could potentially recover the NFT market in Axie Infinity (Not to its former glory, but an increase of the current floor prices of Axie/Runes/Charm NFTs). Due to the simple & easy earning mechanics of the bounty board (With it also requiring you to own at least 1 Axie NFT). This new utility will most likely attract more players to enter in the Axie Infinity ecosystem once again (For a very cheap price due to the floor price of Axie NFTs being very low), which in turn, will increase the overall prices of the current NFTs.


This new earning mechanism was pleasantly surprising for me, as in the past, I was always disappointed on how the Axie Gameplay Ecosystem was structured (Purchasing very expensive Axie NFTs and grinding hours a day for SLP). However, with the introduction of the new bounty board, in my opinion, will allow users of all types to have fun while also earning very easily.


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