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Play-to-Earn App Review: Wombat Wallet

By Valdyr | Play-to-Earn Crypto Apps | 19 Oct 2023

I realized it's been a few months since I've reviewed any play-to-earn crypto phone apps - but that doesn't mean I've stopped playing! Today, I'll be taking a look at the Wombat wallet and it's built-in range of play-to-earn games.

Play-To-Earn Crypto. Reviews of smartphone games and other apps that offer payouts in crypto currency.

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What You'll Need to Play Wombat Wallet Games

  • Compatiblity: Wombat Wallet is available on Android, iPhone, and desktop. As for the games themselves, some of the games (such as Dungeon Master and Dungeon Worlds) are built directly into the Wombat app. For the majority of the remaining games, however, you'll be downloading individual games - some are available as smartphone apps, others are desktop-only. Once downloaded, you'll earn both Wombucks (in-app points system) as well as NFTs as you play. (Pro-tip: keep an eye on the Quests tab to see which specific games are offering bonus NFT drops.)
  • To withdraw: As stated above, this app is a combination of a gaming platform and a wallet, so your earnings will be collected in the Wombat wallet itself. The Wombat wallet is a non-custodial wallet, and you can also send your earnings to other compatible wallets as you so choose.

Payout Information for Wombat Wallet Games

  • Crypto reward options: In some cases, reward types are predetermined, such as when earning NFTs, or participating in the Dungeon Worlds game which rewards a different crypto option each season. Otherwise, users can trade in their Wombucks each week in the Wombucks Palace for their share of the crypto of their choice: $EOS, $pBTC, $MATIC, or $WOMBAT.
  • Payout frequency: Earnings from Wombucks Palace are once a week. Earnings from individual games are sporadic and depend on the level you achieve in-game. Earnings from Dungeon Worlds arrive after the end of each 'season.'

Pros of Playing Wombat Wallet Games

  • Better entertainment value. As I mentioned, the majority of the games in Wombat wallet are individual downloads of full games for either your phone or computer. So these tend to be full-fledged games as compared to some of the other suites of games I've reviewed. I tend to spend more time on Wombat wallet games, and tend to have more fun with them in general.
  • Built-in wallet for earnings. I like the concept that all of my earnings are going directly to one non-custodial wallet without any effort on my part. No withdrawal requests, and no minimum payout thresholds.
  • Wide variety. There are A LOT of games to choose from. I generally play the simple dice or dominoes games, but there are a lot of big names also included in Wombat's roster.

Cons of Playing Wombat Wallet Games

  • Heavy battery usage. While I like that these are full-fledged gaming apps, they do tend to have a higher battery drain on my smartphone than other games that I play.
  • Lots of popups. At least in the games that I play, they are filled with an almost overwhelming amount of pop-ups advertising paid boosts for the games.
  • Game tracking can go missing. If you download, delete, and then re-download a game, there's a good chance your progress will no longer be tracked by the wallet even if you start over. Presumably, you may run into similar issues if you're already playing certain games and try to link them to your Wombat account.
  • Low payout. Comparable to many of the other suites of games that I've reviewed in the past, you're not going to make a significant amount of crypto using Wombat wallet - I average about $0.12 a week.


As usual, I'll close my review with my most relevant two questions: "Is it worth it?" and "Is it fun?" For the first question - are you looking for games specifically for the crypto payout? If so, these probably won't be worth your time. ('Worth your time' is also a relative phrase - be sure to read my introductory blog post about realistic expectations of P2E games and apps if you haven't already.) For the entertainment value, however, I do find that I tend to play more Wombat wallet games currently than some of the other basic smartphone crypto games with smaller payouts, so long that I have a full charge and the time needed to commit to a few rounds of the game.

Do you play any Play-to-Earn smartphone apps that you'd like to recommend? Please be sure to drop your suggestions in the comments (don't forget to include your affiliate links or codes if applicable!) to let me know which apps you're enjoying and earning the most!

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