Bling Financial Games. Play-to-Earn App Review.

Play-to-Earn App Review: Bling Games

By Valdyr | Play-to-Earn Crypto Apps | 8 Nov 2022

In my quest for legitimate play-to-earn (P2E) crypto mobile games, I quickly stumbled upon several bitcoin-themed games created by Bling Financial. You'll find a lot of familiar gameplay tropes here: whether you're a fan of more long-form games such as Solitaire and Sudoku, or quick match two or match three time-killers, there are a lot of options to choose from. (Currently some of the games are listed on the Google Play Store under the PlayDay Studios account, while others are listed under Bling - but don't worry, your earnings all end up in the same account.)

Play-To-Earn Crypto. Reviews of smartphone games and other apps that offer payouts in crypto currency.

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What You'll Need to Play Bling Games

  • To Withdraw: Currently, Bling is only supporting withdrawals to Coinbase exchange accounts. Withdrawals are sent to the email address associated with your Coinbase account.
  • Smartphone Compatibility: At the time of writing this post, all games are available on Google Play for Android, and most are available on the Apple App Store.

Payout Information for Bling Games

  • Crypto Reward Options: Points can be exchanged for either Bitcoin or Ethereum. When requesting a payout, you can see the current exchange rate for points into Bitcoin. The exchange rate for Ethereum is not listed on the app, but I can confirm from my own payouts that you'll receive the same USD amount in Ethereum that you would in Bitcoin.
  • Payout Minimum: None!
  • Payout Frequency: You can request a payout once every seven days.
  • No gas or withdrawal fees.

Pros of Playing Bling Games

  • All game earnings go to your single rewards account. No need to save and request from every individual game - you can do one withdrawal each week for all of the games you play!
  • A handful of different type of games to choose from. I've already mentioned Solitaire, Sudoku and match two & three games; there's also a word game and several other apps to try.
  • Game interfaces are of comparable quality to similar mobile games.

Do you play any Play-to-Earn smartphone apps that you'd like to recommend? Please be sure to drop your suggestions in the comments (don't forget to include your affiliate links or codes if applicable!) to let me know which apps you're enjoying and earning the most!

Cons of Playing Bling Games

  • Depending on the game, ad time can match or exceed game play time. One ad plays after each round or level of the game. For some longer-form games like Solitaire or Sudoku, this doesn't feel too intrusive. But for games with shorter rounds like the match three options, the ads can frequently take up more time than completing a single level.
  • Low payout. On average, I play about three of the Bling games each day, at ten to 20 rounds each. After a week, my payouts are hovering around $0.20 combined.

Summary of Bling Games

When evaluating play-to-earn smartphone games and other apps, I like to summarize by asking both "Is it worth it?" and "Is it fun?" For the purpose of this review, the answer to both is relative. Are you looking for games specifically for a higher-than-average crypto payout? If so, these really aren't worth your time. ('Worth your time' is also a relative phrase - be sure to read my introductory blog post about realistic expectations of P2E games and apps if you haven't already.) However, if you're already a fan of and playing several of these types of games for fun already, then why not download these apps to earn a little crypto on the side? You're watching ads either way - might as well add a few sats to your Coinbase account while you're at it!

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