Rollercoin: New Marketplace coming

Recently, Rollercoin published a new article in their blogs, they are telling us about the new marketplace update that is coming up with season 3, this marketplace would be a whole new experience to the game as you'd be able to buy and sell miners from/to other people, making it posible for you to buy them cheaper, but this update comes with more than that, specifically something they say at the end of the post.

In this marketplace, you'd be able to sell your miners not only for RLT but BTC and ETH also, this would be great for those who have tons of basic miners and want to get rid of them by receiving BTC or ETH in exchange. Not only would this work for miners but also items, maybe racks and trophies? We don't know what they´re going to add in the coming update, for season 2 they´re going to drop this new update with drops and consumables I think as rewards by playing games, making you able to get extra earnings by playing, this is huge for new players, since they can just stack those up and sell them for extra RLT and begin mining passively by buying cheap miners in the marketplace. 

They recommend to save as much RLT as you can for this update since is going to make a huge impact in the way Rollercoin works, they´re doing some big changes to improve Rollercoin and they´re achieving it, so start mining RLT as much as you can. They also recommend to buy rare and limited miners in the daily offers, because they could highly increase in price making it profitable to sell them in the marketplace, this is where the collections feature added in the previous update takes place, people trying to get the entire collection to get bonuses, makes this so powerful, since they could pay lots of money for a miner they don´t own so they can get the full bonus.

One of the most important things they say here is the third and final recommendation for the marketplace update, is starting to actively farm drops from playing games with the next update, which means the update for season 2, is going to be the reward system for playing games, if you haven´t started playing this game, you´re just in time for this to explode, because with all these updates, is going to expand the amount of users, the sooner you start just playing some games and earning RLT, the more profit you´re getting from the next updates.

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Play games, mine crypto with rollercoin

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