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With the new update, the developers balanced some of the game rewards, this has made a big change for optimizing power gaining. I'm going to explain how my strategy works and you would then tell if it is or isn´t the best, if you have some suggestions, feel free to comment and I'd be updating this post giving credit for the ideas that upgrade this strategy.

Take everything from here as I just logged in today and every game is at level 1. This is the amount of power you get by getting a game to level 10 by winning every game:

Coinclick: (420+440+460+480+500+520+540+560+580+600)*3 = 15.300 Points

Token Blaster: (504+532+588+616+667+744+753+796+840)*3 = 18.120 Points

Flappy Rocket: (495+528+572+616+660+688+731+774+798)*3 = 17.586 Points

Cryptonoid: (840+864+888+912+936+984+1344+1376+1408)*3 = 28.656 Points

Coin-Match: (480+488+496+504+512+585+594+603+612)*3 = 14.622 Points

Crypto Hamster: (630+672+714+759+804+...)*3 = (If you have the exact amount per level until level 9, let me know please)

2048 Coins: (336+357+378+399+420+441+462+...)*3 = (If you have the exact amount per level until level 9, let me know please)

Coin-Flip: (636+636+636+864+864+864+880+1100+1120)*3 = 22.800 Points

Dr.Hamster: (1003+1098+1186+1267+1342+1409+1470+1524+1571)*3 = 35.610 Points

Token Surfer: (630+700+700+770+840+840+910+980+980)*3 = 22.050 Points

The main strategy no matter how much time you have to play, is to start out maxing Dr.Hamster and Cryptonoid to level 10 first, while the cooldown timers start taking longer, as soon as you can´t play the other game as soon as you finish the other, you start adding other games into the list following this list: 

  • 3rd game: After 42 games played, Coin-Flip
  • 4th game: After 68 games played, Token Surfer
  • 5th game: After 105 games played Flappy Rocket/Crypto Hamster
  • 6th game: After 140 games played, Crypto Hamster/Flappy Rocket
  • 7th game: After 171 games played, Token Blaster

This is the best strategy to max out your points for your time spent playing. If you add to this the strategy I mentioned about the bug in previous blogs, not the one that got removed, but the one that's still possible to do as long as you pay attention to your rank once you clicked the "Gain Power" button, when it goes up, you can just click the games tab and you´d gain your power without it validating.

This is an extra table for you to see how much would you gain according to your time available:

  • 0:30 hours, 42 games played on average, 46.629 mining power daily, 326.403 mining power weekly
  • 1:00 hours, 73 games played on average, 84.582 mining power daily, 592.074 mining power weekly
  • 1:30 hours, 106 games played on average, 125.290 mining power daily, 877.030 mining power weekly
  • 2:00 hours, 140 games played on average, 161.877 mining power daily, 1.133.139 mining power weekly
  • 2:30 hours, 171 games played on average, 193.693 mining power daily, 1.355.851 mining power weekly
  • 3:00 hours, 204 games played on average, 227.366 mining power daily, 1.591562 mining power weekly

If you do your own maths, you´d see the numbers get quite close to this table, making it able for you to track how much power you´re getting in average by doing this strategy and compare it to other strategies for you to see that this is the best actual strategy. Let me know if it worked for you.

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Play games, mine crypto with rollercoin

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