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By Marekiaro | plant&animalife | 3 May 2020

The Beagle is a medium-sized breed of hunting dogs, originally used mostly to hunt animals such as rabbits, pheasants, foxes and wild boars, which are now quite common as companion dogs.

Average life: 12–15 years

Ideal weight: Female 11.5 - 16 kg Male 12 - 20.5 kg

Temperament: lovable, intelligent, determined, excitable, kind, balanced temperament

Height: Male: 36–41 cm, Female: 33–38 cm

Colors: Lemon and white, Tricolor, White and Hazelnut, Tricolor chocolate, White-brown, White and orange, Red-white

Weight: Male: 10–11 kg, Female: 9–10 kg




Cheerful and affectionate dog, the Beagle prefers company. Indeed, if left alone, it can become very destructive and bark excessively.




Beagles can be of two sizes.

In one case they are about 30 cm tall and weigh about 10 kg; in the second case they are 30-40 cm tall and weigh about 15-20 kg.

It is a muscular and robust dog with a slightly domed skull. The muzzle is not pointed and the nose is broad. The ears are long and drooping. The thorax is deep, the back is linear and the tail is medium long and carried high. The coat is smooth and dense, generally black, fire and white.




Beagles are widely considered to be a good breed with both other pets and children. They are cheerful dogs who like to receive affection. They prefer to be in company and, if left alone, they can howl and be destructive. Beagles are also high on the list of breeds that bark excessively and can be difficult to train at home to be obedient.




The Beagle is an active and curious dog. It is also a hound, so its nature is to wander. It is therefore necessary to take precautions so that it does not run away and endanger itself, keeping it on a leash when it goes out or in a garden with a suitable fence.

The Beagle is also a sociable dog, in fact it is better not to count on him as a guard dog. It may bark, but it is unlikely to do much more than shake its tail when faced with an intruder.

Short hair is really simple to care for, requires minimal grooming and a bath every now and then. When he is no longer a puppy, he can easily become overweight, so the calorie intake must be monitored. Life expectancy is around 12 years.




The Beagle breed has existed for hundreds of years and is one of the most suitable for family life. According to a breed historian, there are documents written on the Beagle dating back to 1400.

This dog is descended from the hounds used in wet suits when hunting on foot in England, Wales and France. For hunting on horseback, a variety called "Pocket Beagle" was used, less than 25 cm in height and therefore suitable for entering a pocket of a hunting jacket. The Beagle is best known for rabbit hunting, although it was used to hunt the most disparate animals, from jackals to wild pigs.

Although some specimens are still used for hunting, alone or in molting, the majority of Beagles today are an adorable house dog.




The Beagle is a small breed with a lively, sociable and sweet character. He is appreciated as a companion dog precisely for his joviality and for his sympathy, which leads him to be welcoming even with strangers and loving with children. It is famous for its exceptional sense of smell. It is a hunting breed and this means that it can easily run away to follow a track. Unfortunately, it could suffer from a congenital pathology, for this reason it is important to turn to breeders who carry out all the necessary tests on the reproductive lines. Even if not indicated in the standard, the weight of the Beagle, taking into account the height, trunk length, bone and sex, should not exceed 15/16 kg. for males and 12/14 kg for females.




This small dog, as evident also from the breed standard, can be only about thirty centimeters tall. It has a large muzzle that matches the size of the skull. It is characterized by the presence of a rather long neck, functional to its talent as a sniffer dog. It has a very collected body and characterized by the horizontal line of the back. It has a good circle of ribs and legs wrapped in muscles and rather defined. The coat colors are: tricolor, orange white, lemon white and blue tricolor. Tip of the white tail.




The price of a Beagle puppy, tested and equipped with pedigree, stands between 800 and 1,000 euros. However, it is always essential to buy the puppy from a serious and conscientious breeder who tests his breeding animals for genetic pathologies. This short-haired breed does not require professional grooming and does not usually have special food requirements for food, even though the feeding must always be of excellent quality. The expense for quality food for an adult Beagle is around 40 euros per month.




The beagle is a medium-sized breed of hunting dogs (of English origin), originally used mostly to hunt animals such as rabbits, pheasants, foxes and wild boars, today quite common as companion dogs. Because of their hunting skills, beagles are defined as working dogs, since they are a race subjected to work tests also for the proclamation of the Italian beauty champion.

Much used in the past and still today in hunting small game. The beagle is a rather ancient breed: already in the thirteenth century it was mentioned as a dog of greater beauty. It has been introduced in many European countries with excellent results. In France it is, without a doubt, the most popular dog breed. In Britain, like most hunting breeds, they are bred for two purposes and in two different ways.

Hunting beagles are bred and show and company beagles are bred. In Italy and in all FCI affiliated countries the standard is unique. In France this breed was imported around 1860 and became, with the passage of time, a highly sought after dog for its hunting skills and performance; England was thus surpassed in the popularity of this type of dog, because for them it was not to be considered a good hunting dog, given its small size and moderate speed. Its diffusion in Italy has occurred in the last decades, but its role, for the most part, is only that of companion dog.


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