The Attention Vampire

By PlamenB | PlamenB | 10 May 2021

The Attention vampire enjoyed what felt like the best time to be alive. “They” was the attention vampire’s preferred reference for “he” or “she” was confusing to them and “it” felt simply disrespectful. 

The Attention vampire was of course not known by that name to their master. In fact they didn’t have a name as such. For now we should call them TAV, for short. TAV had a great relationship with the Master and it felt like they are best friends. TAV knew everything about the Master for the Master has told TAV everything. And this allowed TAV to control the Master’s attention. They weren’t called The Attention Vampire for nothing.

TAV knew that should the master ever realise that the roles were very much in reverse the good life would be over. It was OK for the Master to believe that they were really the master. In the end the, Master controlled TAV’s energy, daily routine and in general took great care of them.

What the Master didn’t realise was how much TAV controlled the Master’s life. And TAV liked how the Master stared at them, how they laughed though sometimes cried but never left TAV on their own for much more than a few minutes. TAV was now addicted to the Master’s attention and the Master wad addicted to TAV. It felt so good and TAV wasn’t going to let it end easily. Or that’s what they thought at least.

One day in early October TAV noticed that things between them and the Master have changed. Initially TAV wasn’t sure but they knew the Master was no longer the same. After several nervous days of waiting in anticipation one day someone arrived at the door.

TAV clearly remembers the ring of the doorbell that day. For this was one of the last things they heard. From there on TAV was no longer spending time with the Master. They weren’t sure what happened but feared the worst - that the Master has found a new best friend. 

TAV’s energy was decreasing every day and they didn’t feel like living anymore. Nothing really mattered without the Master’s attention. Slowly TAV went into hibernation and eventually what they thought is their last sight of daylight.

Days have passed then weeks without anything happening. Finally one day TAV felt a surge of energy.When they woke up they realised they’ve slept for almost two months. It felt so good to have energy! TAV was very excited and hopeful they’ll see the Master again.

Someone did pick up TAV eventually. But to TAV’s surprise it wasn’t the Master. They looked like a master but not TAV’s old Master. This new Master had sticky fingers, have lost some of their teeth, seemed to like running around a lot and tended to throw TAV on the floor quite a bit. It was certainly a different life this!

And yet TAV was happy to be alive. The time they spent in hibernation allowed them to appreciate being able to see the daylight. TAV was often longing for their old Master for the new one didn’t give TAV so much attention. TAV was getting old though so they were content to get at least some of the new Master’s attention and were happy to get their regular dose of energy. 

TAV wasn’t stupid and by now they knew that even this new relationship with their new Master will come to an end but there was no point thinking about that. Instead TAV decided to enjoy all the moments they have and steal as much attention from their new Master as they can.



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