Free crypto online - is it worth it? (report after three months experience)

By PlamenB | PlamenB | 11 May 2021

We often have a misconception that things are paid for when we part with money to get them and are otherwise free.

This is grossly incorrect. Payment can have many forms other than money, the most undervalued being time.

I fiercely disagree that time is less valuable. In fact time is the most valuable resource we have for the simple reason that while money and other material things can be earned, time can never be earned back. Therefore time and nothing else is our most valuable resource. 

Anything advertised as “free” usually requires payment in the form of your time. You go for it and you are paying a high price.

And before you say “but crypto is different because of its potential” let me tell you that reading the right book and using your knowledge to earn from other activities, then reinvesting in whatever your like will beat any time investment in “free” crypto. 

Anyway, I started this so I can write up a review and here it is based on the selection of tools/sites I used.

Cointiply - mediocre potential and when I reached amount for withdrawal they cancelled my account. No reason given. And let me tell you, I had little interest in the thing so I was never going to try and break their rules on purpose. So this takes special prize for biggest time waster. coin - I put these two together because they are similar and equally pointless. You will waste precious time for nothing. It always gives you the minimum amount and you will need many months to collect enough to withdraw.

Stormgain - this looked promising and I made some money with them. Their withdrawal fees are very high. Was it worth it? Definitely not. The  concept that they have cloud miners but you have to login and click a button every 4 hours to activate them is quite funny and clearly designed to bring you back into their app so they can increase their metrics on sessions and visits. Why would they not run their miners all the time? :-)

MinePi - the jury is still out on this one. Obviously it’s early days. Can turn out to be nothing, or something. The time investment is minimal though - say 10 seconds per day.

Publixh0x - [this site] - probably the only one I’d keep. Some money was made as a combination of daily tips and from my 6 articles so far. Withdrawal works OK. Most of all I will keep it because it allows me to practice my writing which will be useful as I work on my book. And the small amounts of crypto I earn on the way are just a welcome bonus.

In conclusion (and I know most of you won’t listen) I would say remember that time never comes back. Money and other material things can be earned. Not time. Do something meaningful with your time!

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