Vite Supernode Hosting Campaign with Ankr

By liangqiang | pintro | 21 Apr 2020

Vite excited to announce a Supernode (aka SBP) hosting campaign with our partner Ankr, a leading distributed computing sharing solution. This campaign is aimed at improving the operations of the Vite network.

Since the listing of the Ankr/BTC trading pair on ViteX, our team with Ankr has been working together on the development of one-click hosting solutions for Vite nodes. The solution can now be available at the Ankr node market.

This partnership with Ankr will take us a step further in the road to decentralization along with removing any single point of failure. The one-click node hosting solution will offer easier and more blockchain friendly options for users to participate financially in the consensus and governance of Vite blockchain.

The barrier to enter the staking ecosystem is thus reduced and anyone with a click of a button can now host a Vite full node or SBP. The solution provided by Ankr can combine with Vite’s advanced and intuitive user interface, making it even more convenient to manage nodes.

This is a step forward in providing our community to have ease of access to host Vite nodes. Users from anywhere in the world can now take part in Vite’s ecosystem without any technical knowledge. The Vite community is currently hosting over 600 full nodes and 45 SBPs, which are mainly concentrated in Europe, east Asia and North America. This partnership will expand our node network globally in regions like Middle East, India and Africa where Ankr has strong resources.

About Ankr

Ankr is building a marketplace for container based cloud services. It is a full stack cloud service for container deployment using shared resources. Ankr will provide developers and enterprise clients with the ability to deploy 100+ types of blockchain nodes, which can be accessed through tailor made solutions or easy to use applications in the Ankr Node Market.

Ankr provides a pragmatic business solution with a real use case, where node operators can utilize idle cloud resources from high-specification data centers to run blockchain nodes, which are easy to access and able to deploy in just a few clicks, while data center owners monetize their idle resources through the Ankr cloud platform. This enables Ankr to provide computing power much closer to users at a much cheaper price, which comes with some significant benefits to the end users.

Why Run Nodes with Ankr Services?

  • Deployment of a Vite full node or SBP in less than 5 minutes with Ankr’s one-click deployment application.
  • Zero technical knowledge needed to set-up and run a Vite node.
  • Contribute in further decentralizing the Vite Network.
  • You can host your SBP at 29 USD/month and full node at 19 USD/month.
  • Round the clock technical support for all your questions.

Earning Extra Rewards with Ankr

As an early partner, Ankr is running a Vite SBP. To thanks for Ankr’s contribution to Vite ecosystem, Vite Labs will vote 2 million votes to Ankr’s SBP. Ankr committed to share all SBP rewards to participants who deploy a Vite SBP on Ankr before May 1, 2020!

To be part of this campaign, participants must host a Vite SBP via Ankr platform for at least 3 months.

Bonus: Get a cashback of the first month of hosting fee from Ankr! The cash back will be sent to all Vite SBP hosts who have paid their first hosting fee of 29 USD.

Read Ankr’s announcement here. A tutorial is available here.

Campaign Rules

  • First, you need 1,000,000 VITE in your Vite wallet, before setting up the node. Existing SBPs can also participate!
  • Set up a Vite SBP on Ankr before May 1, 2020 and keep it running until at least August 1, 2020.
  • Follow @vitelabs and @ankr on Twitter, like and retweet Ankr’s campaign announcement.
  • Tweet a screenshot of your node, adding how easy it was to set up.
  • Tag @ankr and @vitelabs in your tweet and add #AnkrYourNode.

After Ankr receives your payment for the first month of hosting, they will airdrop 29 USD worth of tokens to your wallet.

After each full month of hosting, Ankr will airdrop your share of their SBP rewards to your Vite wallet.

Sounds exciting? What are you waiting for?

Register today and run your Vite node on Ankr!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact any of the Ankr admins in their official Node Support group on Telegram.


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