USDQ Coin (Stable coin):- This coin would be market leader near future.

USDQ Coin (Stable coin):- This coin would be market leader near future.

By pinku007 | pinku007 | 26 Jul 2019

About The Project:-

Before share the prospectus and details of #USDQ coin, want to say something about stablecoins,-- In Cryptocurrency, stable is issued in parallel with cryptocurrencies, which is similar to Fiat-back stabilizers. However, the significant difference between the two designs is that while fiat collateralization typically happens off the blockchain, the cryptocurrency or crypto asset used to back this type of stablecoins is done on the blockchain, using smart contracts in a more decentralized fashion. In many cases, users do this by borrowing against smart-contracts by locking in parallel, making stable coins value ever lower if they make it more appropriate to pay off their debt. To prevent a sudden crash, a user who takes out a loan can be terminated by a smart contract, their collateral should be very close to the value of their withdrawal.

Features of stablecoins are:-

  1. The value of Stable coin is parallelized by another cryptocurrency or cryptocurrency portfolio.
  2. The peg is executed on-chain via smart contracts
  3. The supply of the stablecoins is regulated on-chain, using smart contracts
  4. Price stability is achieved not only in parallel, but also by the introduction of complementary instruments and stimuli.

The technical implementation of such a stable strategy is more complex and varied than the fiat-parallel stablecoins, which increases the risk of exploitation due to bugs in smart contract codes. With tethering on-chain, it is not a matter of third party control to create a decentralized solution. Depending on the stabilizing device and the dependence of the stabilizing device are potentially problematic aspects of this stance. Stability and stability can stop the use of indefinite backing, as it is difficult to know exactly how to ensure it. Due to the nature of the highly volatile and transformed cryptocurrency market, a very large parallel must also be maintained to ensure stability.

Stablecoins give financial freedom to every user, they are not controlled by any governments or central institutions, they are scalable, effective, and transparent. Platinum Q DAO team believes that USDQ, KRWQ, and coming stablecoins attached to the Q DAO ecosystem will take a leading position in the crypto industry as a golden standard of stable coins.

USDQ organized to create truly decentralized stable assets. USDQ Stable Currency Ecosystem Our target stable currency ecosystem is built on key components. And we believe that USDQ can strengthen it through an accurate and reliable framework

Note:- Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other famouscryptocurrencies do not guarantee its minimum value. So, in our ecosystem you will be sure of their stability until they are protected. Holders of USDQ will have a trusted currency that will survive market volatility until it is ready to start trading again.


Opportunity to purchase USDQ on the exchange:-

The first component of the ecosystem is the exchange. USDQ bargains on the secondary market at the price of 1 dollar for 1 USDQ, respectively traders interact with this coin, as well as with any other. The first way to buy USDQ on the exchange is to get Stablecoin.

Join the QDAO community from miners and decision makers!

Join our mining community and start mining QDAO tokens as soon as possible. Now is your chance to become a miner in a growing community. Listen to your voice as part of our decision makers mining a revolutionary new cryptocurrency of the future.


How the system works:

  1. Trade on exchanges (Trade USDQ on the secondary market as any other stable coin.)
  2. Get a parallel loan position (Ensure your encryption and easily obtain stable USDQ coins. After the transaction is completed, simply return the USDQ with your selected crypto reward.)
  3. Discover the Q BOX (Mine Q DAO tokens, raise your own AI based robot, which will help you to make predictions.)


USDQ is to create a truly decentralized stable asset:

  • All decisions are made by the DAO community. (The QDAO provides complete democracy with community-centric control. If the community supports your initiative, you can make some changes. You have the right to vote. Everything and some autonomous decentralization are decided by the community as a whole to make decisions.)
  • Collateralized by crypto. There are no more mythical deposits in the personal bank account. (Its plain transparency means. You can track all transactions in real time and ensure that a certain stable one is backed by certain crypto assets.)
  • Self-stabilizing. Always stable. The yamorium doesn't matter. (According to the nature of the decentralized stable currency, it does not fall or fall with major declines. The self-stable algorithm and the market itself will always keep the price stable.)

USDQ is the Highly stable and reliable USDQ is a decentralized, stable resource that uses algorithms to provide greater security, stability and reliability. The ecosystem provides reliable protection against fraud and hacking and complete control over all activities.

USDQ is different from other stable famous resources, such as USDT, GSDT etc. The only difference is that in popular stable assets, parallel conventional currency, which is stored in old financial institutions - banks.

Another difference is that these resources depend on the reliability of reports initiated by the company's team and auditors, which test conventional currency reserves, while USDQ uses blockchain technology to monitor all transactions and reserves.

Technology development is led by an excellent team and their master craftsmen, bringing together leading experts in the field of development, marketing and strategic talent from the digital currency field. 

We all know that for a long time, the company's success depends on the team and the right decisions. But such a team will certainly be able to fully implement the project and compete with other stable assets, and may even surpass them. I can confirm. The team is also working to build long-term relationships with stakeholders in the encryption industry. 


1. Q2 2019 :- First USDQ and DAo issuing exchanges.

2. Q3 2019 :- Ckosed beta test of the collateralised debt position interface.

3. Q4 2019 :- Collateralised debt positions interface public beta.

4. Q1 2020 :- QBox public beta. Q DAO mining start.

5. Q2 2020 :- New stable coin release.

6. Q4 2020 :- Launch of our own decentralized exchange.

7. Q4 2021 :- Creation of our own blockchain and transferring of the entire system onto it.







Token Details:-

Token:- QDAO Governance token v1.0/QDAO

Platform:- Ethereum

Type: ERC20

PreICO price:- 1 QDAO Governance token v1.0/QDAO = 1 USD

Price in ICO:- 1.0000 USD

Accepting:- ETH

Distributed in ICO:- 49%

Soft cap:- 100,000 USD

Hard cap:- 509,999 USD  

More Details:-

Web :-



Telegram for English:-


USDQ is being listed:-





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