Telecoin: Renaissance in the communications industry.

By pinku007 | pinku007 | 9 Aug 2019

Before enter The Telecoin project , I want to share some important information, that Byzen Digital is a high-growth organization focused on mergers and acquisitions in the technology sector. Originally set up to service the growing blockchain sector, Byzen’s scope has quickly grown beyond its initial focus to incorporate start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) from the wider tech arena including cybersecurity, data storage, cloud-tech, analytics, software and digital applications. The Byzen family provides vital strategic insight, global funding access and a robust corporate structure to support its incorporated ventures in positioning concepts for global success.

Byzen is a new player in the digital blockchain and cryptocurrency trading market place. The company is keen to bring greater simplicity, efficiency and security to these relatively new technologies through many innovative solutions that provide step-by-step education as part of the customer journey. Our selected product markets are already growing in significance and highly scalable for the foreseeable future, and we firmly believe that now is the time to strike with a new approach as proposed, enabling our new clients' broader audience technology to expand.

Byzen Digital, through its Management team, is well networked and connected into the world of Global Payments, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency trading, and the company is well equipped to deliver against both the short terms goals as well as mid-term ambitions to become the “go-to” company for both Corporate, Financial Institutions and Retailers for all of the future Blockchain needs. This organization created decentralized Cryptocurrency, called “Telecoin”

More Info about Byzen:-

About Telecoin:-

Our Telecoin is designed to move around the world in a fast-paced world of greater digital risk and improve transaction security and privacy. While delivering long-term energy-efficient crypto-currency to the world. Keeping this in our mind, the Telecoin is designed to provide users with freedom and good governance, while providing a secure and private means for transactions, with a network that supports Master Node capabilities, Telecoin understands that for those who support and support the network. The project is a justification for giving back to the community Effective measures should be won awards.

Our project is a decentralized privacy network, which uses PoW and PoS protocols with master node capabilities. A hybrid blockchain, created from innovation from privacy networks like Dash and PIVX, focuses on personal and secure transactions and interactions. Some of the features we'll find in Tele Wallet include Payment Offset, SwiftTX Transaction, Built-in Block Explorer, Stacking to Rewards or Master Node and more.

Main thought of the #TELE is the risks in a digital society stem from the excessive amount of personal data attached to the traditional, centralized, third-party verification cycle most transactions today, subscribe to. As the world delves further into the digital virtual reality, taking much we care about and that is personal into this space. Technologies and protocols need to be developed to protect the privacy and integrity of our data. Telecoin has been developed to improve the security and privacy of transfers and transactions in a globalized fast paced world with greater digital risks. Whilst providing a long-term energy- efficient crypto-currency to the world. With this in mind Telecoin has been created to provide users freedom and fair governance, whilst giving a secure and private medium of transaction. With a network that supports master node capabilities, Telecoin understands that for those who support and help to strengthen the network, a fair reward system should be implemented to give back to the projects community.



About TeleCoin Trend-Setter Platform:-

Why we believe we need innovative tools:-

The marketing industry needs an organic digital rewards system that encourages the most loyal users and customer base to promote the brand, promotion, services, products and content.

In the modern world, social profiles so much powerful and far-reaching. By infecting an organic referral system with social and media platforms, companies and individuals can direct users to help us establish new trends.

We believe that this model cuts through the inefficiencies found with traditional marketing companies. The Telecoin Trend-Setter platform is designed to create innovative marketing campaigns that will ultimately have a big impact on our business or ideals, as our most loyal customer is rewarded, regardless of where the incentives are centered.

Utilizing our Telecoin Trend-Setter platform, our organic affiliate rewards system does not rely on a centralized entity to reach our demographic in our message, instead encouraging our demographic to spread our message.


How Trend-Setter Works?

  • We have to create a campaign aimed at the latest release of our new product, service or trials with the products we need, and on which platform we want to trend.


  • We have to create a custom promotion for our own product or service life cycle with our pairing technology for the required actions / goals.
  • We have to allocate a TELEX budget for promotion and go straight.
  • Reward users with TELEX for being a trend-setter and taking the steps we need to decide.

The Trend-Setter Platform is a micro-transaction affiliate network rewards platform targeted at individuals and businesses who use Telecoin as an incentive for biological referrals.

Trend-Setter Platform will integrate a Tele-Fone and a Tele-Fone App, the tele-fone app is under development and is available on apple and Android platforms for mobile. We can make calls and communicate with not just the users of the app but any number worldwide on an encrypted network. Without any third party getting our information and data. Tele-Fone, is a secure, decentralized mobile phone that gives the user total control of his crypto assets in his cold storage wallet on the app, with the added ability to store personal data/files and information directly onto the block chain.

Telecoin is making and we intend to integrate TeleCoin into Byzen’s future decentralized autonomous platform (DAP) and blockchain services,” said, the newly appointed President and CCO of Byzen Digital. “While TeleCoin continues to grow and increase its community and user base, we’re also working to get TeleCoin listed on one of the major crypto exchanges. We expect to make more announcements throughout the year as Byzen and TeleCoin continue on the solid path of growth and development.”

The benefits of using Tele-Fone:-

- Secure encrypted Network

- Secure data storage

- Easy to back up in case of theft or loss

- Secure P2P calling and messaging

- Encrypted file sharing

- Signal transmitted through WiFi or GPS

- Specialized Purpose-Built Hardware

- Micro-transaction based network

– Sync to Trend-Setter

 -Built to be Compatible For Crypto and Blockchain services

- Interconnected Products

Technical Specification:-

   Name: Tele (TELE)
• Type: MasterNode blockchain project Algorithm: Quark (used for PoW only)
• Target block time: 60 second block time
• Proof: PoS and MN Stake rewards
• MasterNode Reward: 60 % of block
• Duration: PoW Mining Ends at Block 1000,
• Maturity: 100 blocks passed Minimum PoS stake age: 8 hours min coin stake age
• Pre-mine: 15500000 Block 1 – 500 (Each block worth 31000 TELE – This will split up the Pre-mine into smaller TX to help with PoS later on)
• Reward Per Block Mined: 0.8409
• SwiftTX (Zero Confirmation Transactions)
• Obsfucation (CoinMixing Technology)
• Built in Block Explorer


July/August 2019:- Launch of IEO – TELEX ERC777 Token

September 2019:-   Completion of IEO Listing and adoption of TELEX token, Add to Core Team

October 2019:-        Completion of TELE Main Network Development/penetration testing, Listing on Multiple Exchanges, Phase one TeleFone Android OS Development

November 2019:-    Setup of Euro HQ, Start initial development of Trend-Setter & IOS/Android App

December 2019:-    Start first phase of development of Tele-Fone & App, Locate Asia Satellite Offices

January 2020:-        Setup of Satellite Office, Euro Marketing Campaign

February 2020:-      Start testing phase on IOS/Android App, Phase two development of TeleFone Further adoption on Exchanges

March 2020:-           Australia and US marketing Campaign & Release update on TELE wallet

April 2020:-             Release TELE App for IOS & Android, Test Runs on Interaction Network

May 2020:-              Final test phase on Tele-Communication Network

June 2020:-             Marketing campaign and demo of Tele-Fone Prototype and App



Token information:-

Token:               TELE token

Platform:-          Ethereum

Type:-               ERC777

Price in ICO:-     1.3300 USD

Tokens for sale:- 13,865,000

Token supply:            15,500,000 TELEX
Total tokens for sale: 12,000,000 TELEX
Hard cap:                   15,960,000 USD 

Token distribution:
80% - Public Sale 
5% - Bounty & Community 
10% - Company & Market Making Pool 
5% - Team & Developer Incentives

TeleCoin is launching its IEO on the 31/07/2019 exclusively on Latoken Exchange!


Token name:  TeleCoin X

Ticker:            TELEX

Platform:        Ethereum

Token Type:    Erc777

Fixed Supply Total: 15.5m

NOTE: On mainnet launch, tokens would be distributed on a 1:1 ratio. All the Tokens purchased during the IEO, will be replaced automatically be issuance of an equal amount of TELE. 

More Details:- 






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