Pink mechanics introduction

By pink007 | pinkdreammanor | 13 Oct 2021

Pink dream Manor took two years to create Pink. Pink's total amount is 1 billion yuan, which will never be issued, 50 million yuan will be used for promotion, and 60 million yuan will be used for creation Team and Technology Department fund. Current market value: ยฅ20556701.91 Yuan, market circulation of about 170 million. All other quantities are obtained by DEFI liquidity LP mining and single coin mining.ย 

Mining machine support mechanism: Pink community currently has 1040T bit mining machine power, 2 230M Eth mining machine, 204TXCH mining machine power.

New reward mechanism: new sermons reward, into the group welfare reward. New market-making PKDAO force mechanism๏ผŒPKDAO is a community share that will enjoy dividends from the manor in the future.

Pink's website:

EOS Chain Contract address:

Mining DAPP website:

HECO chain address: 0 x37ce33c2fac6a664eddac88368b1f87a6ad6b8ab

TRON chain contract address: TNcFSdpFSDWrZYF3D976eDxKPHFj22Pn4N

TRON chain DAPP website:

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Member of the founding team of PinkDreamManor, dedicated to EOS Finance.


Pink Dream manor is the future landing China hainan Island to establish the seascape manor. PINK advocates sound financial management, using the token distribution model of financial management and mining to ensure that all tokens are distributed fairly and fairly to financial clients and community contributors! Our position is the fund manager of blockchain world digital assets, the coastal theme manor hotel, pension, green ecological farm, the dream practitioner of love and education!

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