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How to Mine BTC, BCH, ETC, and Other Cryptos Without a High-End Graphics Card

.. just throwing this out there before my post. This is my first article for Publish0x, so hopefully I bring some value to this community. 


I want to start off by saying that mining BTC, ETH, and other top crypto these days will require some heavy initial investments into expensive equipment such as a multitude of state of the art graphics cards. If you don't already know, not only are they expensive, but quite rare depending on where you are located in the world. If you are just trying to get your feet wet and dabble in the world of crypto, going out and spending a ton of cash on GPUs and tech doesn't really make sense. And to be able to mine the popular currencies such as Bitcoins or Ethereum, you'll need to shell out some big bucks. So I offer an alternative solution for the new comers who want to mine, own, and dabble with a bit of crypto before getting heavy involved. You can use what you have and still come out with a descent amount of currency to play with. 

I present to you UnMinable Miner. This is a simple download, extract, and run miner that will allow you to mine popular crypto with just your CPU. It will let you mine while you work, or make use of that old desktop just gathering dust in the corner somewhere. The only thing it requires is that you have a wallet for what you are mining. You can literally start mining in less than 10 minutes if you do everything correctly.

Download UnMinable Miner

This is a Windows 10 miner only. If you are running any other operating system other than Windows then unfortunately this solution won't work for you.

To give you an idea of what this miner can yield for coins, here is the setup that I have going right now. Before I started writing this article, I just withdrew 51 RVN (Raven Coins) after 2.5 days. My setup is listed below here.

  • Desktop PC (Intel i5 Processor 2.60GHz, 128Gb SSD, 8Gb RAM) Windows 10 Professional
  • Desktop PC (Intel i7 Processor 3.20GHz 128Gb SSD, 8Gb RAM) Windows 10 Processional
  • Desktop PC (Intel i7 Processor 3.20GHz 128Gb SSD, 4Gb RAM) Windows 10 Professional

Please note that these are spare desktop computers that I had laying around, so they are strictly functioning as miners and nothing else. Their mining settings were also set on the highest possible setting to maximize the amount of coins being mined. Therefore depending on how whether you are using your computers at the same time as mining, your results may differ from mine.

I hope this article was helpful to someone just getting into the world of crypto and mining. 

Until next time, peace ..

PingingNinja aka Michael




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