How To Make Easy Crypto (STMX) with the StormX App
StormX (STMX)

How To Make Easy Crypto (STMX) with the StormX App

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Have you heard of StormX? Well if you haven’t, might I suggest doing a little bit of reading before downloading 
the StormX app and immersing yourself into the various tasks that will earn you mulla?

StormX's Official Web

After you have familiarlize yourself with StormX, you should download and use it to earn tokens or if you prefer, cold hard cash. These are a few of my suggestions to get your started. I'm sure everyone will have their own way to start. However, I’m going to be honest and won't exagerate, in order to get the rewards that they offer, you will be required to do a little bit of work. What kinda work you say? Well it's the kind of work that doesn't require you to be a rocket scientists. It's not hard work, but it will require some of your time. When you first register and sign in, the points will be easy to obtain. You can start earning crypto by filling out the rest of your profile. That task alone will net you approximately $0.25 USD. From that point going forward, the sky’s the limit, and it will be dependent on what you’d like to do to kill time.

You can download some of their games onto your iPhone or Android smart phones and complete the assigned tasks or accomplishments to earn more tokens or cash. Some of the games pay upwards of $11 USD to get to certain levels. Other small games just require you to play for a short amount of time and they will fork out money to compensate you.

If you don’t like paying games, they have a wide assortment of surveys that you can fill out. Some will be nice and easy and only take 2 minutes, while others can take 10-15 minutes. The more questions you are asked, the higher the payout will be. I, myself have filled out about a dozen of them, and come to the conclusion that they are all easy questions to answer, as long as you have the time for it.

And finally if you don’t like the first two options to earn free money, you can just shop at your favorite online store such as eBay or American Eagle etc. through StormX's app and earn money back as crypto currency. How cool is that? It's only one extra step before checking out and finishing your purchase. To me that one extra step is not sweat at all, considering I would have bought the items anyways without any kind of
reward coming back your way. This is a no-brainer. If you are curious, by just using the StormX app to check-out my Ebay purchases in the month of May, that alone has earned me a large chunk of crypto rewards as cash back because I buy and sell a lot on that platform. Ebay can give me up to 1.6% back as crypto, and I spend upwards of $4000 on eBay buying sports cards and other collectibles. I won't get much into that part of my life, but if I do, that’s another article for another day. So if I take out my abacus and do the quick math, that’s about $64 USD I get back in Crypto just for doing something I'm already doing anyways. Isn't that something else huh? So what are you waiting for, download the StormX app and try it out yourself.

I'm not endorsing them or affiliated with them in any way. But if by choice you want to be add my referrer link to your account so that we can both get something out of it hopefully, it would be much appreciated. And and if you decide not to, well no hard feelings from this guy. 

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Download the app here and give it a try.

Let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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