Pi Network - What is in the pipeline?

By Kozii | PiNetwork | 1 Sep 2019

3 red hot summer months has flown by since I first started earning Pi coins by trialing the Pi Network app (available on the App and Play store to download for you too!). This 100 day period has allowed me to really think about this opportunity, see where we really are and why I feel lucky to be an early Pioneer.

Quick introduction from the project, be sure to check out this video.



 Now let me give you some insights: 


  • Simplicity: Pi Network aka SocialChain allows new users to sign up to the beta within few minutes. You can verify with Facebook or mobile number, then choosing a username and that's it, you're off! You'll see that a mining session lasts 24 hours and you'll have to check back in to start earning again. You see your balance grow every day, quite steadily.


  • Working app: Many projects suffer from too much conceptualising - they work in the back ground but you don't see the things that were promised actually working in real life and have any real usage. Well, we already have 300,000  active users who run this lightweight app every day. Even better that once we're out of beta and the team and miners agree to launch fully, you no longer will have to check back every 24 hours - this will be changed to create a more convenient every day use.


  • Chat and in app features: thumbs up/down; different channels by language; moderators and developers are pretty active; implemented spam filter that is learning every day to filter out spam and referral spams. All in all, the foundation is being built and tested to support future implementations like the peer to peer marketplace.


  • Decent referral system: you increase the rate you earn by inviting new people as an ambassador. It is only 1 level, so this will create a mining team that you have invited - the new person that's invited gets bonus Pi / hour if they both mine and stay active 


  • It's one click a day: let's face it people don't wanna be doing extra chores or learn something super complex. My mom just clicks once a day and that's it. She could earn more by investing time and energy into the project, learning about it, but the learning curve would be way too high. She enjoys being part of a mining team, but she keeps it at that, nice and simple. 


Future plans for Pi Network: 

  • 3-5 second transactions, ideal for everyday people and purchases
  • Own Blockchain created based around XLM / Stellar Lumens' Stellar Consensus Protocol with a proven stability to validate transactions and avoid double spend completely.
  • In app coin transfers between users, allowing very early trading to begin
  • Marketplace, allowing international trading (((eBay)))
  • The team is actively seeking feedback and keeping an eye out for new talented people to join the project, will likely see an expansion 
  • SocialChain Inc. will most likely create more value for the token with some advertising opportunities within the app for other businesses, potentially. They better not go overboard, though.
  • Other, community driven projects, discords and financial services already planned by some members, which will help holders and new investors see more opportunities within the network itself.
  • With the continuous growth Pi has seen, we can expect the next halvening to happen sometime in 2020, so you can still mine at a decent rate until then.




In conclusion, it is truly amazing to see 300,000 mobile phones already being utilized to mine every day. This will create a smart, green and self sustaining network, consisting of everyday people, like you and me, with their personal phones turned into assets instead of expenses. 


How far will this go? Will this make me some money in a year? Can this put food on the table? What would happen if the amount of miners reach a small country's population? What else can a decentralised network of miners can achieve together? 


Be sure to make the first step. Get the app. Test it. See what you make of the team and community in it. 


To get access, enter my ambassador code ' Kozii ' and let's start accumulating together. It is risk free, logical and fun. See you at 21 Pi street or at community Discord.




Discord: Kozii#4386



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