Integrating Your App into PillarX: A Step-by-Step Guide

By Pillar | PillarX | 19 Apr 2024

Integrating an application into PillarX, particularly using TypeScript, is a streamlined process designed for ease and efficiency. This guide provides a clear walkthrough for developers looking to integrate their apps into PillarX, leveraging the platform’s Account Abstraction Infrastructure and various development tools.

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1. Setting Up Your App in the PillarX Repository

Create a New Directory

Begin by forking the PillarX repository. Inside the src/apps directory, create a new folder named after your application. For instance, if your app is called “new-app,” your directory structure should look like this:

Inside this directory, you’ll need to add three key files:

  • icon.png: This is the icon that represents your app within the PillarX ecosystem.
  • manifest.json: This JSON file contains metadata about your app, such as its title and description.
  • index.tsx: This is the main file where your app’s React components will live.

Example of a Basic App Setup

Here’s a basic setup for an app that includes signing a transaction with an Etherspot smart wallet:

2. Porting Your Existing App to PillarX

Fork and Setup

After forking the PillarX repository, duplicate the structure of an example app located within src/apps/example-app. This serves as the foundation for your own application.

Configuration and Installation

Update the manifest.json with your app’s details and replace the existing components with your React app’s components.

Ensure all necessary packages are installed by updating package.json and running npm install.

Implementing TransactionKit

Integrate the Etherspot TransactionKit to handle blockchain interactions such as signing transactions or interacting with smart contracts. This includes configuring transaction batching and approval processes within your app’s components. You can get started with TransactionKit by following the dev docs here:

3. Submitting Your App for Review

Once you’ve tested your app and confirmed it functions correctly within the PillarX environment, submit a pull request. The PillarX team will review your submission and provide feedback or approve the integration.


The design decision to streamline the process of integrating an app into PillarX is grounded in several key principles aimed at enhancing developer experience and fostering a robust ecosystem. Firstly, the modular directory structure within the src/apps facilitates easy scalability and organization. This allows developers to add new applications without interfering with existing ones, promoting a clean and maintainable codebase.

Secondly, the use of a manifest file for metadata and TypeScript for development enforces a standardization that helps maintain consistency across different apps. This consistency is crucial for ensuring that all apps integrate smoothly with the broader PillarX infrastructure, such as user authentication and transaction handling systems.

The inclusion of the Etherspot TransactionKit directly in the app’s architecture underscores a focus on security and efficiency. By leveraging Etherspot’s capabilities, developers can implement sophisticated blockchain functionalities like smart contract interactions and transaction batching easily. This is particularly important in a decentralized platform like PillarX, where such features enhance the user’s experience by providing faster and more cost-effective transactions.

Moreover, requiring a pull request for integration serves a dual purpose. It ensures quality control and community oversight, fostering a collaborative environment where improvements and security checks are inherently part of the development process. This open-source approach not only improves the quality of individual apps but also enhances the reliability of the entire PillarX platform.

Overall, the design decisions behind integrating apps into PillarX are aimed at creating a developer-friendly environment that promotes high standards of code quality, security, and user experience, ensuring that the platform remains cutting-edge and accessible.

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