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By Pillar | Pillar Blog | 17 Aug 2022

Many projects these days avoid airdropping to their supporters because of the time requirements and costs that accompany such activities. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as sending tokens to each address. This would be massively expensive in gas fees and very time-consuming.

So distributors either need to build their own distribution and claiming solutions or make use of bulk sending apps which are hugely expensive to use. At the time of writing, to send, in total, 10 PLR to two addresses on Polygon Network, one well-known tool was charging just under $200 just to use their distribution tool. This fee goes up the more you want to drop. Then there are still the approval and transaction fees to consider on top of that. That’s why AirdropMe.io is so useful as it employs smart wallet P2P payment channel technology to significantly reduce on-chain transaction fees.

What does it cost?

The tool usage fees are much lower than any other distribution tool on the market today. AirdropMe has our users covered by charging the smallest possible amount of only 1% of the value of the airdrop. Users have the choice to pay this themselves or split it into hardly noticeable amounts which can be paid by each recipient when they claim. The choice is yours.

In this post, we’ll provide a step-by-step guide on how to conduct a token distribution using AirdropMe.io, which should be especially handy for first time users. Let’s go!

Сonnect your wallet

  • Go to airdopme.io
  • Click on the ‘Get Started’ button
  • Once on app.airdropme.io, connect your wallet with the funds you wish to distribute/airdrop by clicking the ‘Connect’ button.
  • Set your wallet to the network that you intend to airdrop on.

  • You’ll know you’ve successfully connected when the Connect button changes to display your network of choice

Step 1 — Create your personal P2P wallet

  • Click the “New wallet” button.
  • Confirm the transaction in your connected wallet.

Tip: For Polygon users: Set your gas fee to ‘Market’ or ‘Aggressive’ / ‘Medium’ or ‘High’ on MacOS, to ensure the transaction is successful. If it fails increase the priority.

  • Import and backup your private key provided.
  • After saving your private key, tick the checkbox ‘I have saved my private key. Proceed to step 2.’

❗️If you have previously created a wallet, you can easily import your AirdropMe private key and gain access to the same wallet again, thereby not paying the gas fees to create another hub (click ‘Import private key’).

Step 2 — Create/Access Hub

  • Click ‘Create/Access Hub’ and sign the request using your connected wallet (Note: this has a small network fee if you’re creating a new hub).

Step 3 — Select Tokens

  • Select the token you will be airdropping even if there is no balance.

Tip: If you wish to import a custom token that is not on the list, click ‘Import Token’ and fill in the token’s contract address. Once completed, find the token in the list.

Step 4 — Select recipients

  • Import a .csv file containing the wallet addresses that you wish to airdrop tokens to. You can check the example link in step 4 for the correct CSV format.
  • Your file will appear in the step 4 box.

Tip: make sure the wallet address and the amount to distribute are in two different cells.

Step 5 — Top up and send

  • Choose whether you’ll pay the commission or if you intend for your recipients to split the commission by toggling the slider.
  • Click the ‘Top Up Hub’ button which will bring up your connected wallet to confirm the transaction. Ensure you send the minimum required amount listed in box 5.
  • Once the balance shows up (the tool auto-checks the balance every 20 seconds), select the ‘Submit Airdrop’ button.
  • Copy and save the claim URL.
  • Once your airdrop is confirmed, you will be shown a confirmation screen.

Share the claim link with your airdrop receivers who can then follow the link, connect their wallets and claim their tokens.

Now your airdrop is done!

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