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By Pillar | Pillar Blog | 28 Nov 2019


Report from the Early Access program 📣
Things are progressing on all fronts. BTC support is now in the internal testing cycle and will be included in our first round of new design and UI amendments! We will release this exciting new update to our EA participants very soon. 

The first Multi-Asset exchange took place in our devs’ wallets this week. We are working away on its interface and hope to make it pretty enough to reveal by the next newsletter. Stay tuned! 


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Entering the age of Mass Adoption 🌐
How do we get people excited about Web 3 technologies? Especially if that technology is hard to even wrap your head around? 

Learn how we buidl this new road to mass adoption...


Pillar magic explained ✨
In the latest episode of Wizard of Dapps, Drew discusses our process, vision and lessons learned as we create breakthrough software for the world of Web 3. 

Find out how one token will give you access to this entire ecosystem.


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Is serverless computing a thing? 🖥
Our developer Kieran wrote this guest post for AWS startups explaining how Pillar optimises our blockchain data processing. 

Learn how we extract as much value as we can from the blockchain, while also supporting all your crypto needs!


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An update from Pillar 🔔
Jack sat down with New Kids on the Blockchain to share the latest on our Multi-Asset transfer development, fine-tuning the Pillar Payment Network and our impending Smart Wallet debut.

You can jump in around the 3-minute mark!





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Pillar Blog

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