Atom Collector Records Wednesday Selection

Atom Collector Records Wednesday Selection


The following tracks are a selection of the fantastic independent musicians that use

I`m broken by Lukowig

Lyrics, music, vocal and illustration: Lukowig
I'm very grateful to Amanda Sanderson for overseeing the English translation of the lyrics and my English pronunciation.


I'm broken

Down again...
A clock in my head
Tick tock
Knock and knock
Death is behind my door.
My head is broken...
I'm broken!

Low again...
Need some help
I try to speak, to shout
No sound comes out of my mouth.
My voice is broken...
I'm broken!

Out again!
My body is inert
I'm sinking into the ground
I bury myself alive ...
My legs are broken...
I'm broken!

Crawling crawling crawling to nowhere
Crawling crawling crawling again and again
Crawling crawling crawling with my pains
Crawling crawling crawling this road never ends...

Alone again...
No beat inside me...
I try to kiss, to love...
Emptiness is around me...
My heart is broken...
I'm broken!

My being is broken...
I'm broken!

My soul is broken...
I'm broken!

On My Way by Gerontius

Gregorian Doom by Alonewolf

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Pick yourself up By nakedverse
Pick yourself up By nakedverse

Music Collaborations - Mixing - Producer

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