What is PIBBLE Platform? (part 2)

What is PIBBLE Platform? (part 2)

By Bryan_Seoul | PIBBLE.io | 14 Jun 2019


Interested in learning more about our platform?

<You most likely missed part 1 (as I posted it a long time ago). Click below to check it out!>


Participate in P2P commerce, be rewarded.

If you are a daily instagram user, you have most likely come across a shopping bag on a picture of some celebrity or public brand. Hovering over it greets you with a price and clicking on it leads you to a landing page to purchase the product.

That’s great way to connect to your potential customers. Picture contents can change a casual viewer into a buyer. Brands are always looking for someone to rep their merchandise and use their followers as a potential revenue stream.

However, there is an issue with this model. To make a purchase, you have to go to that brands website. Want to buy that beautiful rug? You have to register again. You have to add your credit card info again. That info is out on another database waiting for the prying eyes and swift fingers of whatever hacker wants to get access to it.

1*AyvZChrhJJ4JOCly5NMnQg.jpegJust waiting to get your credit card information.

But what if we could use cryptocurrency to avoid all this unneccesary risk to your and your information?

On the PIBBLE platform, our users can use your PIBBLE coins or PIBBLE Brush to make purchases directly on the platform. Just add the purchase button, select what you want to sell, and the transaction can be setup on the platform. Not only that, we provide additional protections from cancellation to edit and approval of payment.

Easy to use on both a small scale (1:1 sales basis) or to run your next internet shopping mall, all on a platform that rewards you directly for doing it!


​​Crowdfunding with Cryptocurrency

What can you do when you have an dream but don’t have the bank account to put that dream into practice? Do you want to make a documentary about elephants after being released from the circus? Interested in photographing the great barrier reef while it is still here? PIBBLE can offer a platform to crowdfund that dream.

1*yzBTOrpqkhqTp5yvIIhiew.jpegImage by sasint on Pixabay

To get started, just upload what you want to fund, the schedule, your donation goal, and what you will release from it. Then, the PIBBLE users can use their PIBBLE coin and PIBBLE brush to help fund your project. Easily reach your goal on a platform with a user base from around the world, no restrictions on who can help you out. No more trying to push people to register for another site.

Not only that, but with the blockchain, they can see how the funds are being allocated. Easy to trust, easy to use, easy to get funds for your dream.


That covers the 4 main functions of the PIBBLE platform, but I still need to give an update about some additional functions of the platform. Check back for part 3 where I will cover PIBBLE wallet, our P2P marketing sytem, and our professional marketplace system.

Check out Part 1:


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