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By Bryan_Seoul | PIBBLE.io | 8 Jul 2019

What is Pibble?

Pibble is a social media built on blockchain that will protect and reward content creators. You can think of Pibble as a social media just like instagram that has a few key differences. First, you can actually earn from posting your contents. Each like/upvote you receive can be converted into PIB (our cryptocurrency) and then exchanged for actual money. Also, Pibble allows you to sell your photos, similar to the stock image market, as another way to make money. Additionally, we have more functions upcoming in later versions that will add charity, crowdfunding, and a way to promote your posts to other users.

In one sentence, Pibble is Instagram except you get paid.


What is PIB (Pibble token?)

PIB is a cryptocurrency and it is the way we create value on the platform. This cryptocurrency can be exchanged for money on a cryptocurrency exchange (full guide on how to do this coming soon, more international exchanges coming to simplify exchange for international users). Also, it is the currency used for any transactions within the platform.

How can Pibble pay users for upvotes?

While Pibble is a startup company, we raised $20 million dollars in our investment round. To further fund our compensation, we will add advertising soon and our goal is to share 70% of that revenue with content creators(higher revenue splitting than Youtube or other social media). Additionally, in the way that cryptocurrency works, we created 30,000,000,000 PIB tokens. Our company controls 70% of these tokens (part sold for funding) and we will use them to reward out content creators. Finally, in the future, Pibble will take a % of purchases, digital good sales, and our additional revenue streams to fund the project.

How do I earn on the platform?

The best way to earn on the platform is to start posting photos. Every like/upvote that they receive will earn you PIB. As with all social media, there is a point of diminishing returns where posting additional content will not earn you as much rewards. What is the ideal number right now to post? I would say 2~3 daily posts seems like the best way to participate on the platform.

Can I repost my pictures from Instagram?

Of course! That is probably the easiest and least effort way to start participating on the platform. I am sure you have great content already on Instagram, how about putting those pictures to work on Pibble and actually earning from those posts.

Why should I join Pibble now?

  • High Post visibility. Easy to gain followers early, company can boost your creators profile.
  • Only one extra minute to post if you add Pibble to your current social media routine.
  • Will exceed 1 million daily active users in 2019. Initial regional focus on Korea/Asia with global marketing expansion set for late this year.
  • Access to the Korean market and users. Ability to do a reverse Korean wave.
  • Earn from your upvotes. Each upvote pays in PIB cryptocurrency.
  • Pibble users can become Instagram/other social media followers by adding an Instagram link to your Pibble profile.
  • Sponsored content and paid opportunities for early content creators.

What kind of content should I post?

Think about anything you would post on Instagram and that would fit great on Pibble. Selfies, pictures of food, pictures from your vacation, your pets, really anything that you think is interesting should do well.


Help us internationalize our discovery feed!

What can I expect to earn as my follower count grows?

***I apologize if this is hard to read, working on a fix***

Singapore Dollars Expected Monthly Earnings by follower count


Korean Won expected monthly earnings by follower count


Interested in getting started? You can either search in the app store under Pibble (Kr: 피블) or you can follow these links to download

***NOTE: Our app has just recently opened internationally, Pibble might not show up if you search, so I recommend using the following links!***





<The rest of this guide is about the platform if you decide you want to download Pibble>

I downloaded and registered for Pibble, what should I do?

You should get into contact with me via email at [email protected] or message me back at instagram at bryanhigh3, or contact me via telegram at 


I will add you to our featured creator list, please give me your pibble id as well as your instagram ID/main content creator ID if you have one so I can know if you qualify for our paid promotions.

What are Red Brush and Green brush?

Red brush(PRB) and Green brush(PGB) are the upvote system within Pibble.

Green Brush(PGB): This is what you use to upvote/like other user’s content. When you upvote, your green brush will be removed and given to the other user as red brush. Green brush has no benefit to you and is only used for upvoting/liking content.

Red Brush(PRB): When you receive an upvote/like from another user, you automatically get that amount in red brush. This red brush can then be converted to PIB within the wallet (more later) and converted to cash on a cryptocurrency exchange. Additionally, this can be converted to PGB if you wanted to upvote other people’s content but you do not have enough.


What should I do first?

Post a great picture on the platformThe better the picture you post, the more people who are likely to upvote the content.

How do I post my first picture?

On the Home feed, you can on the + button and then click on camera (this will give you the choice to open your album or take a new photo. Add a description, pick a location, and use hashtags that fit the picture. Then click post and your first photo is up for everyone to see!

Alternatively, you can see the youtube guide:


What is the commerce function?

The commerce function allows you to sell your photos for other users to view or download. It even has settings from the stock image market that will allow you to license the photo for them to use in marketing, advertising, and additional ways. Additionally, anyone who purchases the photo, can get access to the full resolution file and will be able to zoom in as they please. Right now, the purchase rate is a bit low but, as the platform goes forward and we gain more users, this will be a central way to earn.


How do I exchange my rewards for PIB/PGB?

If you would like to exchange your rewards you need to click on the wallet icon in the top right of the home screen then click wallet. Once you enter your pin number (will create on the first opening) you can then click change. There, you can exchange PRB →PRB, PRB →PIB, or PIB →PGB.


Wallet →Change →PRB to PIB (cryptocurrency)

Why can I not upvote someone?

**note: This information will change we adjust the ratio for bonuses for participating on the platform**

As stated before, PGB is used as the system to upvote other people’s content on the platform. In the current state as a level 1 user, the first picture you post earns you 10/30 PGB. This will allow you to upvote 1/3 other people’s contents. You can also exchange your rewards for more upvotes. Starting from your earned Pibble Red brush you would need to convert (PRB →PIB, PIB →PGB) to have more upvotes.

Note: if you exchange PIB →PGB that can only be used for upvotes at that point, you cannot convert your PGB back!

Have any questions?

You can contact me at [email protected] or telegram at https://t.me/bryanhigh

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