[NEWS] Pi Nodes officially launched to the Pi Project

[NEWS] Pi Nodes officially launched to the Pi Project

By McAlex7 | Pi_project | 5 Apr 2020

  Recently I have presented to you the Pi Project and what it aims in this article and on April 2, 2020 Pi Network launched the Nodes, so I'm going to briefly explain to you why adding the Nodes to the Project is such an important step.


The phase 1 aimed to bring people (4 millions users now) and the CoreTeam (who created the all project) started a simulation on a centralized server, phase 3 (the last one) will normally lead to a fully decentralized blockchain. Between those 2 phases is phase 2 (which started 2 weeks ago) in the form of a TestNet, so the CoreTeam decided to add to the centralized server the computers of the miners as Nodes.

Nodes are based on SCP (Stellar Consensus Protocol), an open source protocol based on consensus which increase the speed of the mining, and also allowing weak computers to support it. The CoreTeam decided to add the security circle of the miners to this consensus to reinforce it.


The Pi App when you download it on your computer includes the same features that you have on your phone : mining rate, amount of Pi and chat discussions (however you can't start the mining on your PC), but the PC version is adding Nodes with 2 different profiles. First the Node status who allow you to authorize transactions, submit transactions and check the validity of the blockchain, and the Super Node with the same roles but also participates in the calculations, in transaction entry and most important guarantee the last version of the blockchain.

There aren't restrictions on your computer configuration, but Super Nodes will require more power than the Node because the Super Node will have to operate 24/7. After the miners have download the App, they can submit their application to the Node program, the selection of the Nodes and Super nodes will last 3 months based on your internet connexion, stockage, RAM, processor, security circle and your dedication in the project (your characteristics will determine your future role).


After the selection, the TestNet with active Nodes and Super Nodes will start a lot of test like stress test and hard conditions test to see how the network reacts. The CoreTeam will then make all the adjustments and corrections based on test results, and then will launch phase 3 without the centralized server, only with active Nodes and Super Nodes. Ultimately it will lead to a fully decentralized blockchain, and will also determined the Pi reward for the Nodes.

The project is based on building a huge community around the Pi to facilitate the success of the project, therefore I invite you to join us and to download the App on your phone using my code : mcalex7, and start earning some Pi !


i'm alex and i'm here to bring you news, informations and some of my knowledge about the cryptocurrency world !


Presentation of the Pi project, how it works, what is the objective and how the project has evolved since it has been launched, and what are the objectives in the future

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