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Pi is one of the most accessible cryptocurrencies available today.

Because it costs no fiat currency to acquire it, and it can be downloaded as an app on your phone. It is compatible with Android and iOS mobile phones.

More people will desire Pi, as more people request to be paid in Pi for the goods or services they are offering. Those who don’t have it will want it.  Because it offers them more value by simplifying their lives for the goods or services they may buy with Pi.

It can be as simple as having someone accept Pi for lawn care. Taking care of one’s pet.  Babysitting one’s child. Buying a used console system, such as an Xbox One or a Playstation 4.

Perhaps, someone may be willing to accept Pi as payment for housecleaning services, transportation services, or scheduled appointments.  Maybe, someone is willing to shop for a groceries for an elderly person to help provide more value in that person’s life in exchange for Pi.

The question you may all be asking is: Why would someone accept Pi instead of one’s national fiat currency like the USD?

The answer is simple:  Because cryptocurrencies follow deflation. They are worthless initially, but gain value over time as demand and utilization for Pi grow. Every payment on this perspective is seen as an investment to the person accepting Pi as payment.

For example: Let’s say 10 Pi is equal to $10.00. That means 1 Pi = $1.00. In a year from now, if 1 Pi = $2.00 in regard to what it can buy also known as its purchasing power, then any payment accepted where 1 Pi was equal to $1.00 when it was being exchanged for that price basically generated a 100% return on investment on those payments received. Which you didn’t actually invest. The investment happened by simply holding onto those Pi payments until the value for 1 Pi doubled in terms of what it is now able to buy.

What you did invest was your time, and possibly any fiat currency it had taken to create the costs of goods sold, if you were selling products.

This is the reason why small businesses accept cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin as payment today.

Fiat Currency such as the US dollar follows inflation. The purchasing power for $1.00 diminishes over time. Which means $1.00 today and what it can buy will decrease in purchasing power years later.  This happens 100% of the time.  This is built within its design.  This financial system is archaic.

The other reason businesses have chosen to accept cryptocurrency as payment within their store is for almost no extra cost that must be paid to third party businesses for allowing the transaction to be processed. An example of such a business is Paypal.

Paypal will take 2% to 3% in fees for processing an online transaction while offering no value to the customer or the business other than an electronic means for accepting payments digitally.

These third party businesses provided the only means for small businesses to stay in business with clients that preferred to pay with debit or credit cards online.


Pi will have the ability to process online transactions from peer to peer for extremely low fees.

This is the type of value Pi will bring to millions all over the world. Opening the gateway for remittances to be possible with minimal fees plus the ability for transactions to happen between and among people across the world within 3 to 5 seconds.  Not 3 to 5 days.

When it comes to economics, the one who creates the most value for the most amount of people wins. Don’t you see it?  The winner creates winners.

The smart person says, “How much less must others have in order for me to gain as much as I can?”

The wise person says, “How much more can I give, so that others can have even more than they asked for?”

The wise person will make far more than the smart person, every time.

Ask yourself this, “How much Pi have I helped others make?”

If you do this, you will never ask yourself, “How much Pi do I have now?”


Come and join PI NETWORK MINING (20 seconds a day, 10 minutes a month, only 2 hours a year!! What's the value of two hours relative to you? But Pi's pioneer tester spends only two hours a year and the rest of the time doing what he likes.)

The Pi app only needs to search in Android's Play Store or Apple's App Store: PI NETWORK, which can be downloaded for a simple registration.

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Independent in digital DLT transition: Why Pi Network Coop? Because Digital Justice Without Force Is Powerless, A Force Without Justice Is Tyrannical,PlayStore or AppStore search 🔍Pi Network; invitation code : kyle2051

Pi Network crypto blockchain
Pi Network crypto blockchain

Pi - a cryptocurrency for everyday people fueling the world’s most inclusive peer-to-peer economy. Download our app to start earning Pi today. One Pi One World Independent in digital DLT transition: Why Pi Network Coop? Because Digital Justice Without Force Is Powerless, A Force Without Justice Is Tyrannical. PlayStore or AppStore search 🔍Pi Network ; invitation code : kyle2051

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