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Who Are The Developers Of Pi?



Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis – Head of Technology

Dr. Chengdiao Fan – Head of Product

Vincent McPhillip – Head of Community


Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis –  Is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar in Computer Science at Stanford University where he does research in Social Computing and is currently teaching a course on Designing Decentralized Applications on Blockchain. In his early Ph.D. work he created a framework that simplifies programming on fault tolerant distributed systems.  He has extensive research in this field and is one of the leading experts in this realm.  dApp also known as Decentralized Applications are the future.  They are necessary for the evolution of Pi to exist on mobile devices where any person with it can utilize the dApps to process transactions for any goods or services.

Why would someone use these type of apps over conventional apps we have today?  It promotes decentralization, the records cannot be altered.  They have a very high level of security and are immutable from any hacks.  They are based on a secured blockchain network.  They are faster, and process payments quicker.  Smart contracts governed by private keys increases security within the network.  It offers greater anonymity.  The data records are very reliable because the information will exist on a public blockchain where anyone can verify the ledger.

This work is also applicable on today’s blockchains that exist. Dr. Kokkalis has expertise in designing viral social applications, with apps attracting over 20 million users having exceptional engagement and retention rates, that received the Facebook Fund award in 2009.

The company he co-founded that won the Facebook Fund award is Gameyola.  Gameyola is a distribution and monetization platform for casual Flash games. Flash games currently monetize poorly, but Gameyola solves this problem by providing Flash developers tools to sell virtual goods and to acquire users through social channels.

He was on the founding team of StartX, a non-profit entrepreneur community and accelerator for Stanford affiliates, where he served as their Chief Technology Officer from 2010 to 2018.  While Gameyola may have been the beginning of his life as an Entrepreneur.  StartX is a real success.  A company that many may know that garnered attention and funding from StartX was Patreon.  It is only one of many.  It has helped over 700+ startups, with a valuation of over 19 Billion Dollars.  He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering and a Master’s in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University as well.

  • PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford   2006-2008
  • MS Degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford   2004 – 2006
  • MS Degree in Computer Science from University of Toronto      2002 – 2004
  • BS Degree in Computer Science from University of Crete    1998 – 2002

The link below are publications of projects Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis has worked on in the past.

In 2017, he worked with Dr. Chengdiao Fan on two separate projects.



Dr. Chengdiao Fan – She has a Stanford PhD in Computational Anthropology which harnesses social computing to unlock human potential on a global scale.  Perhaps, many think this type of degree is irrelevant to business.  However, it is the core of economics, e-commerce, and social computing.

Being an expert in the study of human behavior in regard to human-computer interactions, and how that impacts societies is extremely vital to Pi’s success.  She has published papers on designed software systems that improve productivity, and scalability on social communication platforms.

The social capital that people have acquired through social media platforms that exist today was unheard of even 20 years ago.  This is a realm that very few understand on an economic level, that many are now only beginning to learn.

She has also helped build an email productive platform that had the ability to scale conversations by utilizing crowdsourcing to do so.

The internet created a world that was more connected digitally by the exchange of information across it’s network.  As more and more people contributed to the information available, the internet became invaluable to practically everyone on the planet.

Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies offer the collaboration of value being exchanged.  A concept still new to the majority of people out there.  The potential that exist within this type of network goes beyond what anyone alone can imagine.  The applications that will be created years after cryptography technology is massively accepted will change how we do business today.

Value that hasn’t been captured or created on an individual, societal and global level will emerge across the entire Pi network worldwide.

This is what Dr. Chengdiao Fan is working towards building within The Pi Network.

She is Bilingual.  She can speak English and Chinese.  She is a scientist, engineer, wife, and a mother to her 3 year old child.

She is the Chief Executive Officer of Myriadhub, Inc.  It was incorporated on June 15, 2017.  Established in Delaware for the best legal protection, then registered in California as a foreign corporation to operate within it.

Corporation ID: C4036978

These are features the corporation offered to those that utilized it.  MyriadHub contains a web application with a chrome extension that help you send email templates to multiple people. Each recipient gets a personalized 1-on-1 message and MyriadHub groups conversations by recipient as a spreadsheet. It also has a Gmail add-on that serves as a light-weight personal CRM directly in Gmail and help users extract email contacts and information to their Google Sheets. In addition, it has a fast and fun iMessage app and iOS app that help you interact with others via iMessage or coordinate with your friends more efficiently.

This is what many may not know.  Pi Network is most likely the DBA also known as Doing Business As name the corporation uses to operate under.  However, the corporation that was created for the Pi Network is the Socialchain, Inc. which was created on September 14, 2018.  It was also established in Delaware than registered in California as a foreign corporation to operate business within California.

Dr. Chengdiao Fan is the President of Socialchain, Inc.  She might be the one who developed the idea for Pi, then later brought in Vince McPhillip and Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis as co-founders of the Corporation to develop the idea even further to what it is today.

Corporation ID:  C4194899

Regardless, the idea in regard to Pi and it’s capability as well as it’s potential grows every day as every single person contributes to it.


Vince McPhillip – He is a Yale and Stanford social movement builder who is revolutionizing how society defines, creates, and distributes wealth.

He believes in a world where everyone has an opportunity to reach their full potential.  He graduated Yale University with a BA in Political Science.

He later turned down an investment banking job on Wall Street to launch WellWyn.  A community based wellness practice.

He’s created his own apparel online store early in his career.  Then later worked for a non profit / NGO consulting company called Bridgespan.  This company deployed hundreds of millions of dollars for education and workforce development in communities all around the United States.

However, it was certain that Vince McPhillips had a deep desire to impact even more people around the world.  Many people believe there is no way to prosper financially while doing so much good for the world.  He made it his purpose to shatter that myth.

When he came across cryptocurrencies, he was intrigued on how it could be used to do a great amount of good for many people which would require him to redefine the meaning of what we understand wealth to be today.

He founded the Stanford Blockchain Collective, of many influential leaders, business men and women, engineers and lawyers from across Stanford and the Silicon Valley.

He started teaching Crypto workshops to develop a greater understanding of how people could use cryptocurrency to transform their lives for the better.

He truly believes that Pi has the potential to empower many people all around the world.

He speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese.  He is a native of Trinidad and Tobago.  He loves to dance, and practice meditation, yoga, and tai chi during his free time.


Vince McPhillip is the face and voice of The Pi Core Team.  Within the Pi Network App Vince will engage with the Pi community in the Pioneer Chat several times a week to help answer a few questions others may have regarding Pi.

Dr. Nicolas Kokkalis is the computer programmer for Pi.  He is most likely leading the development of the blockchain technology necessary to operate the network for Pi and it’s marketplace.  This is currently not open sourced, and many people are still waiting for it to be available.  He usually helps by answering questions in the Developer Chat within the Pi Network app.

Dr. Chengdiao Fan rarely communicates within the English chat for Pi.  However, she is working heavily in the Asian Pi community.


A consensus though within the Pi community has been formulating regarding the presence many hope to see in relation to transparency with the Pi developers.

An update once a week or more by Pi’s developers would greatly help to improve social presence, as an idea this large demands it.


Come and join PI NETWORK MINING (20 seconds a day, 10 minutes a month, only 2 hours a year!! What's the value of two hours relative to you? But Pi's pioneer tester spends only two hours a year and the rest of the time doing what he likes.)

The Pi app only needs to search in Android's Play Store or Apple's App Store: PI NETWORK, which can be downloaded for a simple registration.

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Pi Network crypto blockchain
Pi Network crypto blockchain

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