Pi day and the Pi Network App

By Poorboycrypto | Pi Network app | 11 Mar 2020

With #Piday20202 almost upon us I thought it would be a great time to give some updates on the Pi Network App, and some of the on goings within the community.


The big announcement a couple days ago was the announcement that Phase 2/testnet is to begin on Pi day (March 14th). This is exciting as many people (3.5million+) have been waiting in anticipation for this. This appeared in a video on the app and you can view the full video and details on the Official Pi Facebook page here -> Phase 2 strategy overview.

This is great news, as the testnet rolls out many people who have doubt can begin to see that Pi is on it's way to becoming more than an emulator on an app built on referrals. Nodes will roll out and for those interested we will be able to install it on MAC/Windows and Linux OS. With the basic laptop/PC. "We don't need to be computer science engineers"

Meanwhile the small IAT (In app transfer) Pilot group is slowly plodding along and transactions with Pi for goods and services continue to happen daily. A Small and hopeful glimpse into the Future.

A few Events/contests have Popped up to celebrate Pi day. One right from the Main page of the app encouraging Pioneers to send short videos of themselves in their favorite place. I can't wait to see the variety of people and places from around the world. It really makes the world feels smaller when we are so connected. (See instructions on Picture)



Additionally the Pitgcc (Pi the Global Cryptocurrecy) Has started a contest on twitter with over 100 Prizes to be given away! Click to see the feed and follow the Instructions. Pitgcc #Piday2020 Raffle


I have gone over all of this information in my most recent Youtube video and if you want to get more details I encourage you to watch. If you don't know what Pi is I have actually done over 30 Pi videos and have a plethora of information there. See my referral link below or go to minepi.com and use another invite. It's still early ;-). Stay tuned and I'll be filling this Blog up with posts about The Pi network as well as uploading videos regularly. Until Next time, Get Claiming.

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Pi Network app
Pi Network app

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