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Why I think BEE Network is a scam !

You may have read it in my article of December 2020, I presented the brand new mobile mining application BEE network (my article HERE).

After more than three months now on the application and more than 5'500 BEE, I seriously start to doubt the reliability of this project and this application. I'm still mining on this app (my referral code is "Unknown" if you want to join the project) but I'm still having doubts. What are they?

1) First doubt !

Still no details about the Core Team. This is an amazing thing because often in a project, or shortly after the launch of a project, details are revealed about who is behind the project and what the goal(s) are. In our case, radio silence. In Pi Network for example a whole section is dedicated to the Core Team with their CV and where they come from. This makes me doubt it at first.

2) Second Doubt !

Very simplistic application interface, see "amateur". The information is really transmitted in a very simple way, it even seems too simple. The articles are not very professional. Here is an exemple: 

Bee network interface

3) Third one !

There are already 4mio users but still not the launch of the security circles to secure the network. It seems strange to me that with such a number of users this feature is not yet launched.

4mio userssecurity circle

4) Last one !

I personally wrote an email to Bee Netowrk (the address on their website) regarding my questions and the various points mentioned above. In particular, I told them that I found that their project "copied" that of Pi Network and how they stood out? Results, still no answer and it's now 1 month since I wrote them. I find it very suspicious from them.

I'm curious to know what you think about it. Does it seem to you that this application is legit or not? Write your opinion in comments.

Nice day to all of you,



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