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Top Engagement Photo locations in Indianapolis

By stevenvanelk | Photo Hangout | 26 Mar 2021

On my photography website I wrote a blog post about a bunch of different locations for engagement photos in the Indianapolis area. Instead of going through and rehashing that whole article here again, I thought I'd take a moment to just talk about my favorite places.

Eagle Creek

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This is my favorite place to shoot in the Indianapolis area. Eagle Creek Park is one of the largest city parks in America. It's located on the Eagle Creek Reservoir and it's gorgeous. There's plenty of space to hike and the light around sunset is just amazing. The light reflects off the face of the reservoir and gives a really nice soft uplight that softens the shadows cast by the sun in the sky. It's the place we recommend most of our couples go if they want an engagement shoot in a park.

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There are beautiful places like this where you can get a real feel for how spacious the park is. You can also walk down on the banks of the reservoir. There's also a path you can walk on that divides the reservoir so you can get right down in the middle of the water.

Indianapolis War Memorial

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The War Memorial in downtown Indy is a great place for photos. It's a giant stone tower with golden doors. The stone is a light beige color and it reflects sunlight up cutting down on shadows cast by the sun in the sky. It's free to shoot here which is great. We do photos for engagement sessions here and we also bring wedding parties here for photos as well.

Downtown Carmel

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Downtown Carmel is outside Indy city limits, but it's got a real nice small town feeling to it without seeming too quaint. Plus, it's where a lot of great restaurants and bars are located so you can always drop into a place for a pint after the shoot is over. Or you could drop in for food too.

Potter's Bridge

couple sitting in field in noblesville

This park in Noblesville (outside Indy city limits) is one of our favorites. It has a covered bridge which most people love. It also has some open fields, a wooded area, and a gorgeous river. All of these areas are within like a quarter mile of each other, so you can switch settings pretty rapidly and get a variety of different looks pretty easily.

The Alexander Hotel

couple hugging in front of art in alexander hotel

If it's rainy or overcast this is the best place to go in downtown Indy. They have gorgeous art hanging all throughout the building. They're pretty open to photographers shooting inside as long as you call ahead. This hotel is just gorgeous. We do a lot of wedding preparation photos here too.

That's all for now...

Those are my personal favorite places for engagement shoots. I have a much longer post with more places on my wife and my's website that you can check out if you want other ideas. A lot of the places are just nice places to visit in Indy too.

Thanks for reading. I am a full time wedding photographer with Van Elk & Co who also makes a comedy podcast about running a wedding photography business called the Wedding Photo Hangover.

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