It's scary though, because fireworks and big happy celebrations aren't the only thing that happened in lake. Silly things happen too. I believe the town was invaded by aliens a couple times. I don't know, it was invaded by aliens once for sure, and it was invaded by, lets say, a governmental army another time. It doesn't matter what it is, when it comes, every time its from the lake. Come's flying right over.



(Provided by Pixabay.com)


    I explore the mountains but I've never thought about exploring the the lake. Lake or the Ocean? Not exactly sure, it's big enough to have a massive beach, but I don't know. Everything in my subconscious, I want to say, is telling me it's bad though. The Lake i mean. I wasn't always at this location like i said. I did dream about other locations, and other things like going to school, or going to a college, or even being at my moms.

    At one point, I dreamt about mostly real life stuff in my lucid dreams, but at one point (Thank God this turned out to be a dream) I'm sitting in my bedroom of my mom's old apartment. I'm just hanging out doing nothing. I hear my brother, for some reason, knocking at the door.  Which i thought was weird. Why would my brother be knocking at the door? Maybe he was locked out? I unlock the door. I open it up. I see my brother. He smiles and before i could smile back or he could say one word he was sniped right through the head. I literally watch him get shot in the head.  He died in front of me. My brother. I held him as he bled and screamed as bullets tore through my surroundings.



(Provided by Pexels.com)


    From then one, like a goddamn freaking movie, (American assassin is actually a good example. A man and his new fiance is having a nice day at the beach and then all sudden everybody's killed except for him, or The Punisher is a good one seeing how American assassin this kind of just a Punisher rip-off anyway) it just everything kicks into action. I ran down the stairs of the apartment building and out the front door. Everything was on fire. A helicopter cam crashing down in the tree line about 150 feet infront of me. I search the copter, grab a gun and start shooting. There was a giant war between a government agency and aliens going on right on my moms front lawn.  The most vivid crap I've ever seen. I think about seeing my brother like that almost everyday....



(Being Dramatic, provided by Pixabay.com) 


    Then we ended up in the small town in the mountains and we've been there ever since.  It's been nice. I found a balance in the craziness of my subconscious.  That's one thing I will kind of point out, for myself, a good way of signaling whether it was a dream or not is for me to look for technology. Time and technology doesn't exist in my dream world.  I've never watch TV. Ive probably seen a TV, maybe off or something, but I've never watch TV. I've never looked at my phone. I've never HAD a phone on me in my dreams. Its is very different than what real life is for a 27 year old. Obviously I'm addicted to my phone, but not in in dream reality. None of that stuff exists the most technological thing I can think of is my car. (Oh and more recently as of editing this, i searched for my phone and actually found my vape. Shit was juicy. Hm.)

     I also definitely have died in my dreams a couple times. Just by suffocating oddly enough. I actually have to talk to a doctor about this because I don't think it's my dream affecting reality. I think something to do with reality, in the way I'm sleeping, affecting my dreams. Like sleep apnea. When I wake up in the morning, through 5 years of smoking, (I don't smoke cigarettes anymore but I do still vape) I'll hack up a lung. Its pretty shitty. There is even debate if its even my lungs, or my nose.



(Me trying to breathe, Provided by Pexels.com)


    It has a lot to do with my nose too. I don't have a very good functioning nose. The snot has to go somewhere right? Well, it backs up into my throat at night so I'm hacking up a lung in the morning.  Every morning. So what happens in the dream is, I'll have to hack up a lung but I can't. I can't do it obviously because I'm still sleeping in reality. So after trying my best the last thing to so is, well, suffocate. I also have anxiety attacks sometimes which cause me to pass out. I had a lucid dream of me and my bathroom and I felt like I was going to pass out. I started to panic, and this is it's very easy to do. To start panicking and throw yourself into a lucid nightmare with no control. So I started to panic, and i lost control.

    Then I do go through the full experience of a panic attack. This particular time, I'm in my bathroom so i turn the tub on to get cold water on my face. This helps me shock myself out of passing out. I try to yell for my dad who was outside the door visiting but I went limp and fell into the tub. I remember looking up knowing that my dad was right outside of the door. He never came and the water took over, so again my only option left, was to close my eyes and give in. Then i woke up. Thankfully every time you close your eyes in a dream you typically wake up. Refer to part 1. These rules and guides are here for you for a reason.



(Oh thank god im awake, provided by Unsplash.com)


    Looking for the phone would be a good way to counter panicking. I haven't had one of those scary dreams in a while. Those bad dreams however are part of the reason why I will say, that I spend more time trying to actively not dream.  If I could avoid it. Even the good stuff, for as awesome as it is, can just be at best a fleeting memory that I'll never be able to recapture, and worse, an addiction.

    So that's my that's my full thought on lucid dreaming. What I would recommend is you have to be very well-educated. You have to know what you're about to do. Just flying can be fine but dying is terrible. It's pretty cool you know, there is a lot of neat things that you can get away with. I want to stress this, that we don't know what either reality or the dream world is. Straight up. We don't know what either of these things are. We can't be sure and it's not our place as humans to know. But I think I can say with some some positive reinforcement that both of them are two different things. Whatever they are. There's a theory that coincides with the Mandela effect where our false memories are caused by parallel universes. Maybe your dreams are just your conscious mind trying to process info. Maybe your conscious mind, and you as a person, is split between many, many different timelines and universes. Maybe your dreams are you just remembering these universes. That's pretty cool to me. Whether that's true or not, i don't know. All i know is, I've managed to take that and make my own little little pocket reality in which I reside. I've explored enough craziness I think. I think it's time to explore some craziness in the real world and I love that. Have a great time Lucid dreaming folks and be careful, no lucid nightmares!


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