Presearch: Acquiring $PRE for Using a Search Engine

Presearch: Acquiring $PRE for Using a Search Engine

By Phul | Phil dot mk | 26 Mar 2021

Presearch is a search engine that was founded in 2017. The search engine's ultimate goal is to be community-powered, decentralized, and provide privacy.

$PRE is the token behind Presearch, and is earned by searching, operating a node, and referring users to Presearch. For example, you and I will both earn 25 $PRE if you decide to sign up with my referral link.

Nodes are a network of individually operated servers that will serve the search engine results to the client computer. This peer-to-peer searching enables you to quickly receive search results, in a decentralized fashion, while avoiding data collection practices from search engines like Google.

Current token utility includes:

  • Users can receive $PRE for completing searches,
  • Advertisers can stake $PRE to display ads on specific keywords.

You can read about future plans for $PRE utility in their whitepaper.

Presearch has an established roadmap and has the end of goal of operating as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO).

Setting up Presearch

You'll want to make an account on Presearch by hitting Register or Login at the top right.

Then, we can hit Create Account:

You'll need to sign up with an email. A service like ProtonMail could be used if you don't want to share your own personal email.

After signing in, you'll be prompted to add Presearch to Chrome. You can also use Brave as it's built on Chromium.

Now you can search using Presearch, and their dedicated search engine. If you ever find that a search result isn't returning what you expected, you can always click into a different search engine.

I have been using Presearch for a while now, and have accumulated around 85 $PRE. While that's not a huge amount, I haven't had to really change what I'm doing on my day to day to begin accumulating some rewards.

As time goes on, Presearch should continue to grow and expand into a product that enables you to privately search the internet. Depending on how the next couple of days ago, I may end up deciding to operate a node which requires a stake of 1000 $PRE. It would be exciting to assist the cause of decentralizing search engines, and providing privacy to people searching, while earning rewards for doing so.

You can sign up using my referral link to receive a bonus 25 $PRE.


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