Folding@Home for Medical Research and Bananos!

Folding@Home for Medical Research and Bananos!

By Phul | Phil dot mk | 26 Feb 2021

Folding@home is a distributed computing project, that assists scientists with developing therapeutics for a variety of illnesses, by simulating the dynamics of protein behaviors on each contributor's computer. I won't pretend to know what protein folding really is, but I do know that Folding@home is supported by some of the largest technology firms, including Microsoft, AMD, Nvidia, and Intel and individuals in the medical field. Folding@home has been around for over two decades, and clearly provides a benefit to the scientific community.

Now, F@h is fairly straight forward: it's a process that runs in the background, and utilizes your unused computer resources. For example, you can very easily fold while doing most task on your computer, whether that's Reddit, email, or spending too much of your time looking at cryptocurrency. I would say turning it off when performance is important, and turning it back on afterwards is a solid idea.

Additionally, F@h does use up a lot of your computer's resources, but it won't increase the ambient temperature of your bedroom by 20 degrees. I tend to have my desktop running with F@h active 24/7, and I barely notice a difference in temperature.

Now, hopefully that was able to sell you on F@h, because mining bananos and getting paid in some cryptocurrency requires very few additional steps.

  1. We need to go ahead and get a banano wallet.
    I use Kalium, the official wallet.
  2. Head over to BananoMiner, and input your banano address.
  3. You'll see something like this:
  4. We can then go ahead and download and install Folding@home.
  5. Launch Folding@home, using Web Control to see your current folding status.
  6. Add your identity, based on the User ID and Team ID in the previous screenshot.

And that's it. You'll start mining bananos which will be deposited into your banano wallet every twelve hours or so. As an FYI: the curve for banano distrubtion based on points earned in F@h isn't linear. You will receive less and less bananos per point as you complete more and more points in a given day. So, if your computer isn't the best, I wouldn't sweat it. Even a laptop doing some folding throughout the day can begin to accumulate a good amount of bananos ever day.

Here's a snapshot of some of the bananos I've gotten so far:

Ultimately, bananos are meant to be a fun cryptocurrency, so go ahead and enjoy mining for them while doing some good.

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